apple ipadThe iPad is finally making its launch tomorrow after about as much hype as only Apple can bring. So will you be in line to buy it? Is yours waiting to be mailed? Me? A week ago I would have said no, but now?

Several months ago, in typical Apple fashion, there was a leak (I am sure it was a complete mistake, uhhhhh). Apple was going to be announcing the launch of the iPad. Like all celebrity gossip magazines, it happened to be true (I think the Enquirer is more accurate than the NYT, but that is just me). I would like to thank Apple for giving me at least 20 jokes in regards to the naming of it.

My first thought was, I have a MacBook Pro Laptop, I have a desktop, and an iPhone, what on earth would I want with an oversized iPhone which I assumed its main use would be coming down Mount Sinai with one in either hand right after I parted the Red Sea.

Then I learned that it will not have the ability to read Adobe Flash. This is a gigantic turn off for me. Think of all of those Web sites that use Flash in some capacity, they will be littered with blank boxes. Apple, whose entire lifetime was designed to make the Internet beautiful, is now making the Internet full of broken boxes. I mean, even Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) can do that. The alternative is HTML5. The new player in things animation. The only problem is that it is not fully browser supported, which means a lot of developers won’t learn it yet. I mean we are still dealing with people on IE6 even IE8 which has limited support and a lot of hacks.

So, I am annoyed with Apple’s decision not to allow Flash, even though it could in a heart beat. My initial reaction was to completely boycott it until they did, although that is doubtful. Not that I am a huge Flash lover, just annoyed more or less.

Then, this week I started looking at the new applications. I think it is neat that you can read books on it like the Kindle, not sure the screen will be as reader friendly, but that was a bonus. Then, a few days ago around the rumor mill, it was said that Netflix created an app that will allow you to stream movies directly on it. Okay, getting better. Not currently a Pandora subscriber, but after seeing the screenshots of the new app and interface for the iPad I went hmmmmm.

I wasn’t completely sold, but now I was at least open to it. Then I started to think of my job and how my complete lack of organization has cost me tens of thousands of hours in my lifetime of searching for something. I started to think how cool it would be to have it in place of a legal pad, to keep all of my notes with me on all of my clients that I visit. I rarely take my laptop. I also thought of how I could formulate thoughts and have a toy on the train ride home. Then, I remember, ooooops no stylus. I am sure some 3rd party something will come out with one in a month or two, but just not the same.

In conclusion, I am not sold on the iPad yet, but if they make these changes below, where do I enter my credit card number……….

1. Flash Support (seriously Apple, your ego is writing checks well okay you can cash them)
2. Expandable memory. It could EASILY have an extra memory flash slot. I know, I know, Apple wants me to spend more money.
3. Two things at once. To really use it for work, I want to be able to have an email open as well as a notepad, browser or other device. Not practical to have to open and close things. apparently this version can’t walk and chew gum.
4. A stylus. As a designer, I sketch stuff all over the place and lose 80% of them. It would be amazing to have a true stylus where I can sketch and handwrite.

Looks like I will be waiting for version 2, 3 or maybe 4.