Work From HomeWell, we all work from home now. This means you are probably searching for some home office set-up ideas to help you navigate this new WFH world.

We have you covered.

The Spin Sucks Community is here to inspire your home office dreams with a peek into how they work.

Are you ready?

Nope (I Haven’t Showered)

Natalie Hastings  and her enthusiastic intern say it all. The complete NOPE uniform includes a fill in the blank to use for clients such as:

Nope. You can’t scope creep.

Nope. You won’t be on the front page of the New York Times.

Nope. I can’t get you on the first page of search for <insert extremely general and popular keyword here>.

And our favorite: nope, I haven’t showered because I’m much more efficient that way. (Think about all the needless hours you save).

home office set up ideas

Expectation vs. Reality

Doug Casement brings the work from home office “expectation” vs. “reality” home. If you are looking for home-office set-up ideas that look like the first photo, this article isn’t for you.

But if you want a home office set-up for multi-tasking…

Doug also sends made-to-order meals to communicators in need, so please contact him to place your order (no, he doesn’t…that’s a joke, don’t place an order).

But Is Your Intern THIS Cute

You might have an organized distraction-free office, but Bethany Seims‘ intern is so much cuter and reviews all documents before they go to clients, free of charge.

home office setup ideas

It’s 5 o’clock Somewhere

Might as well be your office.

Jill Manty has your outdoor home office set-up ideas covered with this great office that also doubles as an after-work happy hour.

Efficiency to the max.

home office setup ideas

The Most Important Office Decor

When you work from home, your most crucial office decor isn’t your stapler.

It’s definitely your high-intensity slippers.

These slippers will increase work production by 109%. Promise.

Just ask Carla Vallone.

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Office Space Seniority

Even in a work from home situation, the window view is the luxury goods.

Sandra Hayim shows ultimate seniority by snagging this coveted office space.

home office set-up ideas

Home Office Set-up Ideas for Off-Task Coworkers

Make sure when you decide on your office set-up you make sure to navigate off-task coworkers.

Kelly Kostanesky displays this dilemma with her chief operations officer, who is clearly not attending to duties.

home office set-up ideas

Dueling Laptops Home Office Set-up Ideas

Dueling laptops is a common work from home situation.

Luckily, Toni-Anne Blake says this is one of the few duels you’ll have in your home office.

Unless, of course, you have mulitple pets fighting for your attention.

home office setup ideas

Video Conferences Done Right

Need to add some authority to your video conferences?

Sam Dependahl has your covered with home office set-up ideas for those with frequent virtual meetings.

home office set-up ideas

Micromanaging Bosses

Tersia Landsberg showcases a struggle many have: bosses who micromanage.

Note in photo one, the inappropriate and disapproving stare.

And photo two, the complete lack of social distancing.

If this is your problem as well, we suggest a home office with a door.

Fireside Office

Bring office chic to an entirely new level with a fireside home office.

Fireside home office set-up ideas aplenty here from Julia Brolin.

home office set-up ideas

Call Time Priority

Sharing office space with a significant other who also has meetings throughout the day.

Heather Feimster  and husband let the person on a call have the “window office.”

From Doctorate to WFH

John Deisher had this same set-up for when he worked on his doctorate.

Lesson here: if it’s not broken, don’t fix it.

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Call the Cat Union

Sally Goetsch has a home office set-up that’s approved by the Cat Union (Felines United #3243). T

ake note if you plan on hiring union employees. Cat nip regulations in place.

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A NASA-Certified Home Office

Want to dabble in space travel while getting your 9-5 done?

Ask Christopher S. Penn  how.home office setup ideas

Pigpen Vogue

Travis Claytor shows off the latest styles from the farm runways. Pigpen vogue. If you are looking for a home office that commands respect: pigs are the way to go.

home office set-up ideas

What Does Your Work from Home Office Look Like?

Now it’s your turn to show off your best home office design.

Share your home office set-up ideas.

Inspire your peers.

Share in the comments below or come join us in the Spin Sucks Community where we have all the fun.

Required fine print: these are all completely for fun. It’s a rough world out there right now, so please join us in laughing at ourselves. Sometimes that’s the very best thing to do, both personally and professionally. 

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