Last month marked big news in the Internet world. Google reached one billion unique viewers.

One. Billion. Unique. Viewers.

This is the highest amount a web company has ever seen.

According to comScore, the four sites with the most unique visitors during the month of May are as follows:

  • Google with one billion unique visitors (8.4 percent increase per month)
  • Microsoft with 905 million (15 percent increase)
  • Facebook with 714 million (30 percent increase)
  • Yahoo 689 million (10.8 percent over the past year)

According to the Wall Street Journal,

ComScore’s estimates are based on its “global measurement panel” of two million Internet users, similar to how Nielsen measures television ratings. ComScore refines the estimates with “page view” data that it receives from more than 90 of the 100 publishers of Web content, but not from Google.

What’s even more interesting is the amount of time these visitors are spending on the sites.

Internet sites in order of most time spent by visitors during the month of May:

  • Facebook with 250B minutes spent on their site in May (66.6 percent increase from last year)
  • Microsoft with 204B minutes spent (13.6 percent decrease)
  • Google with 200B minutes spent (13 percent increase)

It might not come as a surprise that Facebook is the number one Internet site in terms of minutes spent on the site, but what does that mean for marketers?

With 714 million unique visitors spending more than four billion hours on the social networking site in just one month, this screams build your company here.

Remember this isn’t about quantity; it’s about quality. It’s about being available to people who are there.

So, here is my promise to you:  If you don’t have your company on Facebook, email me.  I will send you some simple steps and help you get started.