As the top online websites all try to tap more into the fashion social commerce world, Google has launched, an online fashion search site, (not to be confused with Google’s new fashion search site lets the user go into the “boutiques” and find items of fashion based on their searches, likes, and follows.  You can even go through and create your own boutique, which garners suggestions for you to add based on your searches.

The idea is pretty cool.  You take a six-step survey to find out what style you are, and then, based on Google algorithms, the fashionistas find similar items for you to view, like, and possibly buy.  You can create your own personal storefront in less than 10 minutes.  I’ve already changed my likes twice, based on my mood.  Then you can keep going through to create more in-depth searches by liking or hating each item that is recommended to you.


  • No Google advertising anywhere to be seen
  • You can browse by color, size, style, shape, etc.
  • Anyone can put together an outfit that looks runway worthy
  • You can follow celebrity fashion and trends
  • They have some pretty big names, and it doesn’t look like they are sponsored


  • Only features females clothes
  • Only available in the United States
  • You can’t view your friends’ boutiques…yet
  • I would like there to be a wish list so you can gather some top favorites
  • You might be tempted to spend money you didn’t plan on

To me this seems like a very personal version of, which is not run by Google, but it also shows us how strong the power of search can be.

I’ve received only a few emails so far recommending items I might be interested in, but the only feature they don’t ask you is how much you want to spend.  I fell in love with a dress only to find out it was way over my budget.  But who knows, the idea might work on me sometime.  Catch me on a good day and mama might tap into the savings.