RebrandingIt’s all about the name, right? It’s your reputation. Your name opens doors.

It’s what gets calls answered, and emails opened… or is it?

I always used to think so. “Kathryn Mason PR & Marketing” seemed to say it all. Well, it did until late 2017.

Yes, it was my business. I was doing the lion’s share of the business and strategic development so, yes, the business was me.

But, admittedly, the business was stalling, and I felt it was time to grow.

Sure, I was bringing people on to help out, and I was outsourcing to freelancers, but it still felt like it was just me.

Challenge Accepted!

Frankly, this was not where I wanted to be.

And that’s when I came across the Spin Sucks 30-day Communications Challenge.

The universe was intervening (yes, I am a believer in fate).

It was sending me a message: “It’s time to take up the challenge and rethink your business and your brand.”

If you haven’t signed up, DO IT!

Having to sit down, think, and outline what my brand needs to be with a group of like-minded professionals was one of the best things I’ve ever done.

(And did I mention I’ve now come to love the Spin Sucks Community, as well?)

Finally, my business now has a proper mission statement, a niche, a brand persona, and a 10-year plan in black and white.

Most importantly, I now have a “WE.” It’s no longer just me. We have created Masonry.

Reberanding isn’t only about a change in name; it’s about a change in business. And here are the reasons why your business should consider it, too.

Your Brand is You and You Are Your Brand, Right?

Maybe not. The major lesson I learned was being able to make a distinction between me and my business.

I can be the boss of my brand now.

Choosing a logo was a really interesting process which, again, was triggered through the 30-day Communications Challenge.

If you look closely, you will see something from my 10-year plan right there in my logo: the mountains!

As a fanatical skier, and someone who loves the Alps, the mountains are a part of me. And hey, wasn’t it quite convenient my name started with M—the peaks of the name?

A Name Isn’t Just a Name; It’s a Brand

The business wasn’t just me anymore, but I did want to keep my name as part of the branding.

Hence MASONRY—thanks to my wonderful graphic designer for sharing this common sense simple suggestion.

Why all uppercase? Recently, I was on a panel about design. And the host was from a major online media giant in Ireland.

He was telling the story of the company’s sites and how their brand names are always uppercase. I liked the idea and followed suit.

Time to Grow

Growing means refreshing and presents the opportunity to refocus on becoming a bigger player.

Feedback from clients and the media regarding the new name and imagery has been fantastic.

With new leads following, it was a renewal of our desire and goal to think bigger.

Time to Niche Down

Our background has been in music, but that category is facing some tough times.

The Irish media here have become less music-focused, making it a far harder to work in that industry.

During the last couple of years, we attempted to grow out of our focus on the music industry and began working with TV producers, industry awards, events, retailers, and concert promoters.

Still, the general perception was that we were music-focused.

Thanks to the 30-day Communications Challenge, we were able to establish a new focus and the messaging to go along with it.

Entertainment, plus lifestyle and rebranding became our new niche.

Why Rebranding Has Helped Focus Me

The new launch has filled the last four months with excitement, despite being slightly side-tracked with a torn ACL and meniscus in February.  (Ouch!)

The 30-day Communications Challenge provided me with a new perspective and much more confidence to reshape my business.

It made me realize that I can employ others and I don’t need to be part of every conversation.

Sure, I’m still the boss, but now clients can see a whole team.

I can spend more time planning, executing and overseeing projects, while still being in the middle when I need to be.

It has provided me with a new lease on life so I can see where we’ll be in ten years.

And to be honest, I can’t wait.

If you are thinking of rebranding or are taking stock of your mission and vision, you should take time to reflect. Saying what you don’t want as much as what you do want is invaluable.

I don’t regret all the mulling and conversations one bit.

And to think, this is just the start…onwards and upwards!

(Editor’s note: Kathryn was not asked to write about the 30-day Communications Challenge, and she did not receive compensation for this guest post. We were excited that she wanted to share the story of her success and encourage other business owners to take advantage of a great program. We wish you all the best, Kathryn!)

Kathryn Mason

Kathryn has over 29 years’ industry experience. Before starting Masonry, she was the Marketing & Promotions Manager for BMG Ireland, as well as the Head of Marketing & Publicity for Universal Music Ireland. Kathryn is best known for launching the career of Westlife and working with Simon Cowell. Kathryn has also worked with the IMRO Radio Awards, Sightsavers, Shane Filan, Mark Feehily, and Celtic Collections record label. She is a very active PRII member and holds Diploma's in Digital Marketing (with Distinction) and Event Management, as well as Marketing, PR & Advertising qualifications. Kathryn is a super keen skier and holds an International Ski Instructor qualification. She has also been spotted sending client press releases while skiing on the slopes!

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