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The Big Question: What Are Your Favorite Podcasts?

By: Mike Connell | October 20, 2017 | 

favorite podcastsIf video killed the radio star, podcasting has brought the art of audio storytelling back to life.

Jay Baer says:

Sixty-seven million Americans listen to podcasts monthly. That’s more common than Catholicism.

Eighty-five percent of podcast listeners hear the entire episode in question, he adds.

That’s pretty remarkable.

Most readers can’t get through one of my blog posts.

Which tells me, it’s not just a fad.

People aren’t looking for and listening to their favorite podcasts because “it’s what all the cool kids are doing.”

These are dedicated listeners.

Some listen for fun. Some listen to learn. Others listen because it’s an easy way to hear great content while on the go.

And there are soooooo many podcasts. Too many.

Not too-many-in-a-bad-way.

The good way. Lots of choices. Lots of listening.

We’ve asked you before about your favorite nonfiction.

Those books that are near-and-dear, having made a difference in your professional or personal lives.

I would never belittle books and the benefits of reading, but where some people have a favorite book or a handful of must-reads, others have their lists of favorite podcasts.

They wait for each episode with bated breath.

This week’s Big Question was a fun one (if that wasn’t already clear). So many people contributed. So let’s get to it.

This week we asked:

What are your favorite podcasts?

Maybe they helped you get ahead, or kept you from falling behind.

Maybe they’re just great storytelling.

We didn’t stipulate that these had to be your favorite PR and marketing podcasts.

Just your favorite podcasts!

The storytelling staples in your busy life.

Watercooler/Slack Discussions

Hillary Conlin was just hanging around the watercooler discussing (well, Slacking) this at work.

This was actually a topic of conversation at our agency a few weeks ago. A colleague Slacked it and received the following podcasts as answers:

Adnan Raja has one in common:

My favorite podcast is called How I Built This by NPR. I love the depth of creativity and willingness to try new things.

My favorite episode is Joe Gebbia, founder of Airbnb. Every great thing comes from taking the initiative, and Gebbia walks you through his journey of how his life presented him with opportunities.

In this case, he not only went with the flow but also took solid logical steps and hustled to take advantage of the opportunities presented to him. I truly enjoyed his storytelling, and could almost visualize how he managed to pull it off. He takes you through the journey and carries you through every step that took him to the next.

Favorite Podcasts for Commuting

DeeAnn Sims covers all the bases during her commute to and from work:

Currently, my new commute to Santa Monica has forced me to fill quite a bit of time, and these are my favorite podcasts so far:

I feel like rotating between these, I’m covering all the bases from spiritual, to business strategy and PR/industry specific – hopefully developing into a well-rounded human over here!

From Matt Edstrom:

John Wall’s and Christopher Penn’s, Marketing Over Coffee, is my marketing podcast of choice and is often the podcast I recommend to my colleagues, for many different reasons.

The main reason I prefer Marketing Over Coffee over other marketing podcasts is because each episode is based on the latest marketing industry news, rather than being based on set topics. Although I definitely enjoy and find learning about various marketing topics beneficial, John and Christopher’s weekly news-based discussions allow me to effortlessly stay updated, informed, and ensures I don’t miss any crucial changes in our industry.

Marketing Over Coffee podcast episodes are also short, sweet, and to the point. Episodes are generally under 30 minutes in length—making it an excellent podcast for your average morning or evening commute.

William Gadea’s commute includes:

The podcast that I recommend to other agency owners is Build a Better Agency with Drew McLellan.

Drew has owned his agency for many years, but he also runs the Agency Management Institute that provides training, peer group, and consultancy services for creative agencies.

His knowledge of the challenges faced by creative services providers is deep, and his guests are usually excellent.

My commute is far more interesting when he’s dropped a show on the line!

From Our (Totally FREE!) Spin Sucks Slack Community

Julie Carcarmo:

One of my old co-workers just started a podcast called Secured the Bag. It’s very urban, up-to-the-moment, sometimes NSFW but I love that they are bold with their podcast.

I listen to Marketing Smarts, and I’m not sure why I haven’t gotten a fix on Inside PR in a while. I do have two guilty pleasures Sporkful and Bravo’s Daily Dish. LOL!

From Maureen Jann:

I’ve started listening to Problem Solvers. It’s the podcast by Entrepreneur Magazine, and it’s fascinating.

Slack’s Work in Progress is AN EXCELLENT example of great content marketing at work. It’s the most beautiful intersection between what’s important to their audience and their mission.

According to Ashley Stryker:

Actually, I like the This Old Marketing podcast and Salesforce’s Marketing Cloudcast for professional podcasts.

Winner of Non-Industry Podcast

And the winner of the most-non-industry-focused favorite podcast?

Sara Hawthorn!

I know you’re probably looking for professional work podcasts, but Double Love, a Sweet Valley High podcast, which just started, is hilarious!

If you were ever a fan of these books as a kid, I recommend revisiting them to see how dark they actually are!

Up Next: A Very Scary Question

Following our ongoing scary theme this October, the next Big Question focuses on what we all feel we’re running out of. What we never seem to have enough of. Time.

This isn’t about productivity tools, or time management, per se, it’s about priorities. It’s about making decisions.

The end of 2017 is rapidly approaching, and if you are anything like us, there’s a lot left to do!

What do you absolutely have to make time for, and what gets pushed to the bottom of the list?

The Big Question:

What scares you most about the limited time you have in a day?

You can answer here, in our free Slack community, or on the socials (use #SpinSucksQuestion so we can find you).

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  • PaulJKrupin

    The Presari search http://www.presari.com tool lets you search 35 podcast search engines.

    • Interesting. Begging the question: Where do most people get their podcast listening ideas? I typically don’t search for them. It’s almost 100% referrals from groups like this.

  • Dawn Buford

    To me, podcasts are reminiscent of the AM radio talk shows of the 1970’s and 80’s. I miss those. It’s a way of connecting with a real live human voice (instead of social media!). While I love anything NPR, the two podcasts I frequent are Christopher Kimball’s ‘Milk Street Radio’ and NYT’s ‘The Daily’. (I found CK’s podcast via his show ‘Milk Street’ on PBS, and The Daily because I subscribe to NYT online.)

  • How much did we pay these people to say Inside PR? Good job!

  • I love podcasts! Love them.

    I started listening to Slack Work in Progress and I felt like listening to stories on the radio in the 80s with sound effects, different voices. The stories are captivating.

    I’ll save this post for later inspiration. Thank you, Mike!

  • Would love for everyone to check out Edge of the Web! We had Gini on a few episodes back! http://edgeofthewebradio.com/seo-podcast/show-150-interview-with-gini-dietrich/

    • Will have to give this a listen! Thanks @ThomasBrodbeck:disqus

  • Kelly Davis

    The West Wing Weekly! A fabulous podcast based on the TV show “The West Wing.” It’s an episode-by-episode recap and analysis led by show regular Joshua Malina (also of “Sports Night” and “Scandal” fame) and Hrishi Hirway. I recommend starting from the beginning — watch the episode on Netflix, and then listen to the corresponding podcast. It’s an excellent behind-the-scenes glimpse into communications, politics, entertainment and social issues. They have regular guests including actors from the show and people who hold the real-life roles depicted on the show. Beside Inside PR, of course, it’s my favorite. 🙂

    • I need to listen to that. I’m halfway through watching the series for the first time and I keep hearing the podcast is great. Plus, didn’t they just have Martin Sheen on?

      • Kelly Davis

        I think you would enjoy it. Yes, the Martin Sheen episode was great, and they also had Justin Trudeau on a few weeks back.

    • OMG. This is awesome. I had no idea…

  • PaulJKrupin

    Searching for good podcasts is hard by topic, so I created a special search tool inside Presari that searches 37 podcast search engines. One of the best ways to search is by using the name of the person you want to listen to plus a keyword. But topical sources can be very fruitful all by themselves. You can try it yourself here using this example on the keyword “social marketing”:


    Disclosure: I created Presari.