Someone recently told me they are the admin for their company’s Facebook page but didn’t know what to post about in order to help grow their community.

When I wrinkled my nose thinking, “Jeez, what a silly question,” I realize it’s not a silly question at all.

In fact, after looking through a variety of other Facebook company pages, it seems this is something that should be open for discussion.

We get this question all the time, “How can I grow my Facebook community?”  The answer?  Post engaging stuff.

Need more explanation than that?  Check out my five tips on company Facebook posting.

Establish personality.  You don’t have to post weekly contests or jokes to get your audience engaged with you.  If you learned something new during a webinar, share that on your page.  If your boss finds a YouTube video hilarious, post a link for the community to laugh along.  If your new intern is helping out a nonprofit event on the weekend, post some of the pictures.  Let your audience get to know the proverbial you.

Community news.  Regardless if you’re a small business with local clientele or a national brand with clients around the world, let them know what’s going in your community.  I’m in New York, our office is in Chicago, and our clients are across the nation.  I constantly post about the weather here in the East or what famous face I saw last night at dinner.  It’s like I’m writing a post card to my grandparents just letting them know I’m thinking of them.

Link love . We’re big believers in the you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours mentality.  When I’m running low on things to post about I’ll check out some of our favorite pages and share their links on our page.  This helps build our community and also helps build some of our friends and clients pages.

Use what your mama gave ya.  Facebook already has some amazing tools to help with posting, including an easy way to share news links, videos, and my new favorite, polls.  Everyone loves a good poll.  It’s easy to just click the option and then it shows up on their feed expanding your impressions.  Polls and links are also a great way to pull in industry news, but I try and leave most of that emotion to the blog.

Don’t over-post company news!  We have Networked Blogs set up so every new blog post that runs on Spin Sucks automatically gets posted to our page.  That way when I go in and post, I can be me and not overload our audience about Arment Dietrich this, Arment Dietrich that.  No one cares about us, just what we can do to make your job easier.

These ideas work for us with our wonderful community.  What types of focuses does your company post about that helps engagement?