Earlier this year, my friend Dave Murray began posting cryptic messages on Facebook about a new project he was working on.

It was the ultimate in building some hype because, by the time, he fully launched Andy and (Sinister) Trout in April, we were all dying to know what he was up to.

A comic strip both naughty and hilarious (he totally makes fun of the social media world, which I love), Andy and Trout is a figment of Dave’s imagination, with very real experiences.

The gang featured in the comic strip are: Andy, Sinister Trout,OG Carrot, Squeegy, and T-Square Guy.

Meet the Gang

Dave has very specific bios about each of the “characters,” so I’ll let him explain who they are.

A former superhero, Andy now lives the quiet life as a customer service agent for a bedding catalog. Enjoying the simple pleasures that only geeks know, Andy likes reading, cooking, playing video games, running gaming sessions, and pointing out technical errors in the movies people watch.

Once Andy’s superhero sidekick and a former super evil villain, Sinister Trout now lives with Andy as he strives to reach the level of “Social Media Guru.” Hating his life and those around him even more, his only peace of mind comes from knowing that one day his Klout score will enable him to be lord and master of all things.

One of those health nut exercise types you can’t help but hate, O.G. Carrot does anything he can to keep in shape. His upbeat personality is due to his constant intake of vitamin supplements rather than his positive outlook on life, and he enjoys pointing out just how unhealthy everyone around him is. He has few friends.

A shy and friendly roll of toilet paper, Squeegy is O.G.’s roommate, and does his best to find the positive in everything.

My friend Dan Perez would like Squeegy the best because he loves a full roll of toilet paper.

Andy’s former arch nemesis, and landlord of the apartment building where Andy and Trout now live, Guy has a hard time letting go of the past much to the aggravation of the rest of the gang. Impulsive, manic, and full of ideas, he still finds time to nurture a special relationship with his T-Square.


It’s a very cool, and clever, comic strip. But the real reason Andy and Trout are featured here today is because I was bribed.

So check them out, subscribe, friend them  on Facebook, and tell them I sent you so I can get more buttons!

Gini Dietrich

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