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I cannot believe Prince died.

Of all of the celebrity deaths this year (and 2016 has been very unkind), this one hits me the hardest.

When I walked into my dorm room at Creighton University, I met my roommate (who I ended up living with three out of the four years). She was hanging Prince posters on her side of the room.

We immediately bonded over our love of the artist and became fast friends.

I still remember the first time I heard the song “Cream” and thought I was being so naughty (remember, naive kid from Utah here) by listening to it over and over and over again.

I still own the “Diamonds and Pearls” album on CD, which I think I’ll put on replay today (but it’ll have to be on Spotify because I no longer have a CD player).

Fast forward to right after college when I was visiting a girlfriend in her hometown of Minneapolis.

We went to Glam Slam in the hopes of just catching a glimpse of Prince. He was said to invite club goers back to his home, after hours, for more partying and music…and we really wanted to be part of that.

It didn’t happen, but we did catch a glimpse of him and his entourage and we saw Matthew McConaughey, who was so high on something that he was dancing in the middle of the dance floor with his shirt up over his head.

He became less hot to me that night, but that’s another story for another time.

Rest in peace, Prince. I hope, as they look for a cause of death in the the next few days, your reputation isn’t soiled. I will always love you.

This week’s Gin and Topics is brought to you courtesy of Mr. D. and my Facebook news feed.

5. Mom Trains With Daughter. Check this out! This is the craziest thing ever! She has to be incredibly strong to be able to do this. Imagine what she can do without her daughter on her back. Incredible.

4. Orcas Wait to Ambush Dolphins. Watching dolphins flee for their lives is pretty incredible….circle of life and all of that. But it’s also really cool to see the orcas just hanging out in wait. The video is a little jaggy, but stick with it (though you may want to avoid the 3:30ish mark). Absolutely stunning.

3. Captain America vs Iron Man: Donut Face Off. Love, love, love. LOVE. Chris Evans and my boyfriend face off over a donut with red, white, and blue sprinkles. I mean, we all know I love RDJ, but Chris Evans is up there, too. All over a donut.

2. Jane Goodall Releases Chimp Into Wild. Go ahead and fast forward to the 1:00 mark so you can see why this video is a must-watch. I’m super jealous of Jane right now. I’ve always wanted a chimpanzee. I would take him for walks, hold his hand, and share my ice cream cone with him. (Don’t ruin my dream by saying they’re mean and they throw their poop!)

1. James Corden’s Tribute to Prince. “What a thing to have been alive when Prince was making music.” Amen, James. Amen.

Have a great weekend!

Gini Dietrich

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