Gin and TopicsThere are only 12 more Fridays until Christmas!

Woo hoo!

It’s the best time of the year. Yay!!

You would think, as much as I like to ride my bike, that I would not be happy for this time of year.

But I love the weather (and eventually the snow) and the clothes and the holidays.

And I really love counting down the Fridays until Christmas in every Gin and Topics, starting after Labor Day.


We have a fun line-up in Gin and Topics for you this week.

Nothing will make you cry—or even teary—but lots will warm your heart.

Without Further Ado…Gin and Topics

This week’s videos are courtesy of Bob LeDrew, Susan Cellura, Mattie Dietrich, and yours truly.

5. Love is Winning. It makes me sad that it takes a child to remind us that we are all one species and we should work together and love one another. At the same time, this little girl is incredibly talented. You will love her message and her talent.

4. All Night Long at the Airport. A woman gets stuck in an airport overnight and she convinces workers from the airlines to Starbucks to participate in her dance video. This is one of those things that I thought I’d thought of first and that I wasn’t too shy to do it. I love the dude who doesn’t bother to get off the phone while he dances. This makes me happy.

3. Greatest “Price is Right” Moment Ever. You know it’s good when even Drew Carey starts jumping around. It’s kind of long, but you can fast forward to the parts where they win. And win. And just keep winning. I love the comment on the video from the guy who said, “When it’s the wheel operators last day of work.”

2. Ultimate FedEx vs UPS Dance Battle. I love stuff like this! You go, boys. This is incredible and you all have mad skillz.

1. Ellen & Channing Tatum Get Rowdy at ‘Magic Mike Live.’ This is not safe for work. I repeat, this is not safe for work. But Ellen at Magic Mike Live is ridiculous, even though Channing Tatum totally belongs there. Though, I almost like the intro where they set up the visit better than the actual visit. I fully expect a text message from Mattie Dietrich when she sees this. Thank you…and good night.

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Have a great weekend!

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