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Well, there is always next year. As a Chicago sports fan, we say that every year, but I really believe the Cubbies will do it next year.

Craig McBreen and I were just chatting about this. Baseball is so hard to watch because there are up to seven games. It’s not like football where you win or lose and then move on.

Noooooo…we had to endure four losses. It was miserable. It’s going to take twice that long for my poor heart to recover.

I can’t even get on Facebook right now because everyone is either wallowing in their sorrow or bashing my team. I can’t take it, you guys!

But what a year! If you’d asked me in July if we’d go to the playoffs, I would have laughed at you.

We’ll see you in October next year, boys!

And, with that, I bring you Gin and Topics.

This week’s videos are courtesy of Liz Reusswig, Mindy Mikami, Kara Vanskike, Deb Dobson, and yours truly.

And one more thing: I forgot to mention that Mr. D sent in a video last week (the one about the Cubs and Sox fans). I took credit for it. Sorry about that, HB!

5. Kid Theater with Tom Hanks. Jimmy Fallon (of course) asked kids to write a script for Bridge of Spies and submit them. Then he and Tom Hanks acted them out. That is all I have to say because I don’t want to ruin in.

4. Adam Levine’s New Girlfriend. This might be the cutest thing I have ever seen. Three-year-old Mila is in love with Adam Levine (and who can blame her?) and she freaks out when she finds out he is married.

3. Emotional Interview with RDJ. I know, I know. I will watch anything with RDJ in it, but I promise this is hilarious! He and Jimmy Fallon are given random emotional situations they have to act out while they conduct their interview. I nearly spit water at my computer screen twice while watching this (the clam and the gooey stuff really got me).

2. NFL Network Airs Several Nude Bengals Players. Alert! Alert! This is not safe for work! I repeat, this is not safe for work! It also is not safe for those of you who watch Gin and Topics with your kids. Abort! Abort! (Or just skip this one until you’re watching alone.) This is exactly what the titles says. I have no idea what Pacman said during his interview. 

1. I Don’t Like It. I Love It. I seriously cannot love these guys anymore. It’s Sean Hayes and Scott Icenogle lipsyncing Flo Rida. I wonder if they’d come hang out at a dinner party at my house?

Have a great weekend!

Gini Dietrich

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