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You all are so nice. The warm welcome back I received last week made me go running to Lindsay Bell and said, “I want to do Gin and Topics again this week!”

She rolled her eyes at me and said, “Fine.”

So I’m back for a second week! Let’s not talk about the fact I totally got it by her because she’s sick. I may need some help figuring out how to get it past her for a third week next week!

But, let’s be real, all I did is collect links from each of you and write the (VERY) witty comments before each video.

The real credit goes to Josh Wilner, Todd Lyden, Susan Cellura, Mr. D., and his sister, MATTIE DIETRICH (do you like how this has become a family affair?).

5. Honest World War Z Trailer. Did you see World War Z? I haven’t read the book so the movie wasn’t as disappointing to me as it was to others (cough, Mr. D., cough). But one of the things that bugged the crap out of me was Brad Pitt’s hair (side note: I watched Meet Joe Black again the other night and his hair was bad in that, too). This trailer shows all of the things that bug people about the movie, including the hair!

4. WGN Anchors Learn How to Prancercise. Well, the Prancercise woman has hit mainstream media. I almost feel badly for her. I don’t think she realizes she’s popular because the dance is ridiculous, not awesome. But then I watch this and it makes me laugh all over again. Oh Chicago. We love you.

3. Whose Line Greatest Slip-Ups. In honor of “Whose Line is it Anyway” coming back, they’ve put together a compilation of the greatest slip-ups in the show’s history. My favorite one is where Drew Carey stops the acting because he thinks they broke a rule only to realize he’s totally wrong.

2. An Interpretive Dance for My Boss. This has been making the rounds and many people think it’s fake. Fake or not, it’s awesome. I know some business owners wouldn’t hire this girl because of the way she quit her job, but you have to admire her cajones…and her dance moves. To boot, the company released a “we’re hiring” video in response. Awesomesauce, all around.

1. A Letter to My Daughter Who Has Down Syndrome. I’m very sorry to do this to you as the last video. You may want to go back and watch the Whose Line Slip-Ups again after this. Grab some Kleenex, settle in (it’s 14 minutes and worth every minute), and watch this video about a man who thought his daughter with down syndrome would reflect poorly on him and his “perfect” life. I’d go ahead and cut onions while you watch this so you can blame the tears on that.

Have a great weekend!

Gini Dietrich

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