I swear Mother Nature is punishing me.

My mom called last night to say they’re getting snow in Utah. My sister-in-law called to say they’re getting snow in Southern Missouri. The east coast got snow last weekend. Denver is getting snow.

I live in the Northern arctic. WHERE IS MY SNOW?!?

Mother Nature, I’m sorry! Whatever I did, I’m sorry!

I realize that has nothing to do with Gin and Topics. I just had to get it off my chest…and hope the power of Spin Sucks will deliver the apology.

And now Gin and Topics.

5. Google to Index Facebook Comments. If you’re one of those who leaves comments on blogs because they’re not searchable, think again. Not only is Google crawling comments, but they’ve added Facebook comments, which is an app the big media companies use (until we get them to switch to Livefyre). Always remember: What goes online stays online…forever.

4. Four Types of Publicity that Are Not Good. How many times do I need to say there is such a thing as bad publicity?! I guess it takes an article in Entrepreneur for people to pay attention. Hey PR pros! Let’s get rid of that sign on your desks. kthxbye.

3. Half of Young Professionals Value Facebook Access Over Salary. Whoa! This is nuts. A new study shows people would rather have Facebook access than a raise. I can’t wait to bring this up when I speak to a CEO group next week. I’ll bet some still won’t open the firewall, though.

2. Man Strangles Wife After She Smashed “Star Wars” Toys. I mean, come on! That’s a serious offense. Those Star Wars toys are worth a pretty penny…or some dude’s lost childhood.

1. I Told My Kids I Ate Their Halloween Candy. Even though Halloween is over, this is a must watch. I laughed out loud at some of these kids. Special thanks to Lindsay Allen for the find!

Gini Dietrich

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