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Only five more days until my birthday!

I’ve been thinking about how we should celebrate next week. I have an idea for the Inquisition, but need something fun for the actual day of birth (which is Wednesday).

If you have any ideas…

Remember the goal is not to embarrass me (I do well enough of that with the Five Second Rule on the Inquisition). Not to embarrass me!

This week’s Gin and Topics was really difficult to curate. I have nine superb videos in the queue.

What to do? What to do?

I think I shall run them in the order they were received, which means next week’s Gin and Topics is going to be equally good.

This week’s videos are courtesy of Liana Miller, Mr. D., Susan Cellura, Lubna Sadik, and Eden Spodek.

5. Do Not Play These Songs. And yet we will…especially when the song is Bernie Sanders singing “This Land is Your Land.” It. Is. Amazing. But that does not mean you should skip the other songs. Because…oh my.

4. Snowboarding with the NYPD. I can’t really have a Gin and Topics and not show this video. Not only am I insanely jealous of all the snow the east coast got a couple of weeks ago, I’m mad I’ve never thought to do this during our snow storms. Next one, for sure!

Who is jealous they aren't snowboarding in the streets of their city?Click To Tweet

3. Dakota Johnson and Leslie Mann Hit On Reporter. This is awwwwwwkward. Dakota Johnson is awkward anyway, but add her to the personality of Leslie Mann and her need to keep up and, well, this poor reporter. While it’s awkward and funny, can you imagine if two male celebrities did this to a female reporter? Holy. Cow.

When Leslie Mann and Dakota Johnson hit on a reporter, he all but removes his shirtClick To Tweet

2. Bad Lip Reading. “I have no doubt about it now. Krypton is not a planet.” It’s here! The first edition of Bad Lip Reading of 2016! My favorites are the Cam Newton ones and when Pam Oliver asks about the carbon catalyst.

In honor of Super Bowl weekend, I bring you the first Bad Lip Reading of 2016Click To Tweet

1. Italian Kid Loves Led Zeppelin. I don’t know what is more adorable: The fact that he loves Led Zeppelin or listening to him speak Italian. I’m in love.

Sweet little Italian boy cries until he gets Led ZeppelinClick To Tweet

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