Alright. Mother Nature, if you read Spin Sucks, we need to have a talk.

Utah (my mom texted me to brag last night), Colorado, and Minnesota all have snow.

It is currently 37 degrees.


The east coast is supposed to have some sort of perfect storm this weekend.

And good ol’ Chicago? The Windy City? The city at Lake Michigan?

Just cold. No snow.

As if.

Can someone do something about this for me?

In the meantime, I’ll give you Gin and Topics.

5. Drunk Makeup Tutorial. Whenever I watch videos, I think about whether or not my mom would think they’re funny (or appropriate). She would not like the language in this (holy F words, batman!), but I think she would find the humor in Jenna Marbles demonstrating how to apply makeup when you’re drunk. Everything from finding something in her drink and drinking it anyway to wanting to use blush as your eyeshadow. So. Funny. If you are offended by language, don’t watch it. And blame Lindsay Bell for sending it in.

4. Unlock the 007 in You. This is a fantastic promo for the new James Bond movie. People are given the opportunity to win tickets to the premiere, but they have to get through some obstacles in order to get them. And when I say people, I really mean men. Where are the women? We want free tickets, too! AND it’s a Coke Zero commercial, to boot. I would think more women drink that than men. Clearly Erin Feldman and I are the only women in the WHOLE, ENTIRE WORLD who would do this. Not.

3. Bath Time Fun. If you don’t laugh at this baby laughing hysterically at the dogs trying to get his toys from the bath tub, you clearly have no heart. Or sense of humor. Or humanity. You will laugh! (Thanks, Ken Mueller!)

2. Dads Sing “Part of Your World.” There is almost nothing more cute than grown men singing Disney songs because they clearly have little girls at home. I think the only thing that might beat it is them letting their little girls dress them up with hair ribbons and jewelry (I have a great photo of my niece doing that to my brother). Josh Wilner and I think you will love this.

1. Save the Troy Library. I’ve been thinking a lot about books and publishing and libraries and bookstores. While I LOVE my iPad and the Kindle app and I read a ton more now than I did, it makes me sad the institutions that represent books are going away. That may be why, when Andy Schmitt sent this to me, I had a soft place in my heart for it. It’s a video Leo Burnett did to talk about how the Troy library was saved by “book burning parties” and voting to close the library. It’s a pretty awesome (but really risky) way to gain attention.

Happy weekend, all!

Gini Dietrich

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