Gin and TopicsDid you miss Gin and Topics last week?

I missed compiling it…but not enough to take a break from paddleboarding in the ocean.

Did I tell you I saw dolphins?

Our friend’s nine-year-old and I were out in the water and I was teaching her how to balance on the board when a school of dolphins jumped out of the water, right in front of us.

It was the most magical thing I have ever experienced. I mean, you see that at the theme parks, but never in the ocean like that. Totally, totally cool.

And here we are.

The last Friday of summer (not technically, just before everyone goes back to school and work) and the last holiday until Thanksgiving (at least in the U.S.).

This is crunch time…between now and the week before Christmas, most of the 2017 contracts will be negotiated and signed.

But, before we do that, I’m headed to Content Marketing World on Tuesday.

If you’re going to be there, I do a workshop on Tuesday afternoon and I’m speaking on Wednesday at 3:20 about email drip campaigns. Come find me!

In the meantime, I will leave you with Gin and Topics.

This week’s videos are courtesy of Mr. D., Amanda Cleary-Eastep, and Corina Manea.

5. Golf Returns to the Games. Even though the games-that-are-not-to-be-named are officially over, I couldn’t help but include this ad from Michelob ULTRA about golf’s return. First, I love it when brands can do ads that are so compelling more than three million people watch them. And, secondly, this is great!

4. What Thor Was Doing During Captain America: Civil War. And who is the man in the purple chair? Poor Thor. He didn’t get to fight with and save the world during Civil War. Instead, he’s hanging out with everyday, normal people like Darryl. Learn more about what he did on his “time off.”

3. Four Chord Song. This is crazy good! Axis of Awesome, a rock comedy band, proves that you can have a pop song if you know four chords.

2. The Best of Bat Dad. Seriously, I would feel the same way about Bat Dad if I were married to him, but these are pretty darn funny! Poor Jen. I feel like she spends half of her life jumping out of her skin when he says her name.

1. Baked in a Buttery, Flaky Crust. This is, hands down, the best thing on the Interwebz right now. It’s funny enough to watch him confuse “crispy” for “flaky,” but then watch what happens at the end. I snorted. And then I cried from laughing so hard. Actual tears on my face. Plus, I love his laugh.

Have a great holiday weekend (in North America) and regular ol’ weekend in the rest of the world!

Gini Dietrich

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