Gin and TopicsYesterday, Laura Petrolino told me she took a big gulp of water at almost the same time that she had to sneeze.

She tried to make it to the sink, but ended up sneezing with water in her mouth—and it went everywhere.

While 90 percent of the time I love working from home and the flexibility it provides (including the non-need to shower), there are times I miss being in an office with other people.

If I had seen that in person, I would STILL be laughing. In fact, there would be video of it and I would share it with you here today.


That would have been as funny as the time she came to my hotel to pick me up and ran into the glass door of the hotel building. Twice.

I nearly peed my pants for that one.

Oh, Laura. We love you.

In other news, Buddy the Elf would like you to know there are only 14 more Fridays until Christmas.

(Which reminds me I still need to send measurements of my small one to my mom so she can make her Halloween costume. There are far fewer Fridays until Halloween.)

Gin and Topics for Your Viewing Pleasure

While I work on that, I’ll leave you with Gin and Topics.

This week’s videos are courtesy of Whitney Danhauer, Paula Kiger, Kate Nolan, Betsy Decillis, and yours truly.

5. Who Steals a Cheese Grater? I have had this video for weeks now, but I haven’t wanted to share it. It’s so good, I want to keep it all to myself. I love it so much, I was even gifted a t-shirt that says, “Who steals a cheese grater?” And, really, who does steal a cheese grater? And Lysol and soap, for that matter?

4. Lin Manuel Miranda performs at Cardiff Musical Singalong Night. If Lin Manuel randomly showed up in a bar for singalong night, I’m fairly certain I would poop my pants. #ForReal

3. Hilarious Kids. OK, these are hilarious children. The Justin Beiber one is my favorite. What do you think?

2. Bert Kreischer Threw His Daughter a Period Party. I am so glad Kreischer is not related to me. I would be MORTIFIED. After you watch this, you will know everything you need to know about his daughters, and a good amount about his wife, too. Well, and about period parties. And Jason. You’re welcome.

1. Missy Elliott’s Funky White Sister. Look, I don’t want to oversell this, but it made my entire week. It’s pretty darn good. You have to make it through the interview to get to the actual rapping. Fabulous.

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