Well, to say I created a kerfuffle (to borrow from Shel Holtz and Neville Hobson) this week is putting it mildly. I learned some new blogging lessons this week; lessons I’ll likely share in a few weeks, after the dust settles.

Until then, let’s have a little fun. Both Bob LeDrew and Marc Girolimetti posted AWESOME videos of Sesame Street characters rapping. I was watching them both in the airport yesterday, crying from laughing so hard.

Yeah, I’m the crazy lady who laughs out loud while sitting alone.

There also is the news about the 50-something guy who married a 16-year-old, Google+ removing business profiles, and my heroes at the Tour de France.

So here you go…this week’s Gin and Topics.

5. Google+ Begins Booting Brands. Geoff Livingston and Danny Brown co-wrote this blog post about a swift and severe action Google took late on Wednesday night. They began removing any businesses that thought they’d overstep the personal profile requirement. My guess is Google is preparing for something big for businesses, but don’t try to get there for anyone but yourself. Yet.

4. Child Bride and Creepy Old Guy Give Weirdest Interview Yet. Yes, a 51-year-old actor (who played on Lost, but I can’t figure out who he was) married a 16-year-old country singer claiming she is well beyond her age both in looks and behavior. I will give him that she looks older than me. Dang. You have to watch the video. Trust me on this one. Weeeeeird.

3. Think You’re Tour de France Material? With just a few days left in the Tour, this is a fun article to read about the true strength these guys have as they ride for three weeks during the longest and toughest ride in the world. That said, the writer got a few things wrong. The speed these guys ride on the flats is more like 48 mph, not 25 mph (we ride 25-28 mph every Saturday). And an average three hour ride, for me, burns 3,000 calories, not 450. Well, jeez. I guess I AM Tour de France material! I’ll be the one in yellow next year. (h/t to Crister DelaCruz for the link.)

2. Bert and Ernie Try Gangsta Rap. Ah my very favorite duo, when I was a kid, break it down for us. I seriously had a crush on Ernie when I was little. Oh the memories.

1. Sesame Street Breaks It Down. This seriously had me crying from laughing so hard. But it has a few swear words in it so not appropriate for your kids or for loud speakers in the office.

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