It’s almost time for PRSA! I’m going to Orlando just in time for Chicago’s sub-40 degree temps.

I actually love sub-40 degree temps, but I guess I can do with sitting by the pool on Sunday afternoon with Abbie Fink (right, Abbie?!?).

Don’t forget, if you’re going to be there, look me up! I’ll be the one with the two Canadians and large microphones.

And, we’re hosting a TweetUp on Monday night. If you RSVP ahead of time (invite here), Martin Waxman and Joe Thornley will buy your first drink.

Me? I’m just going to going to be eating bon-bons and people watching.

If you’re not going to be there, well…here is Gin and Topics to tide you over.

5. Buck Slams Into Cyclist. If you haven’t already seen this, it’s a must watch. The buck comes out of nowhere! As a cyclist, this hurts me…and it’s kind of funny, too. Thanks to Justin Brackett for finding it for me!

Buck Slams Into Mountain Biker – Watch MoreFunny Videos

4. GM Pulls Ad Suggesting Cyclists Can’t Get Girls. I must be on a cycling kick today. Yes, General Motors had an ad suggesting it’s embarrassing to be on a bike and see a hot girl in a car. Sorry, GM. I’d MUCH more attracted to cyclists on hot road bikes than guys in hot cars. Thanks to Howie Goldfarb for bringing this to my attention.

3. The Battle for Social Media Authenticity. That’s right…a serious article in the middle of some fun. Geoff Livingston is quoted in this, but you should read it more because it’s about whether or not social media is still, well, social and what happens to companies that use it as another marketing and publicity tool.

2. Google Engineer Slams Google+ In Accidental Post. Oops! There is some really good information in what this Google engineer says about his employer. But I think the bigger lesson is: STOP PUTTING IN WRITING things you don’t want to go public. Man, alive.

1. Wanted Ad. And from the lovely Liz Scherer…nothing more is needed to be said.

Have a great weekend! Go Bears!

Gini Dietrich

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