Did anyone see the story of the 80-year-old woman who landed a plane after her husband died while flying?

She and her husband were flying home to Sturgeon Bay, Wis., from Florida, when he slumped over the controls and died. A family friend, and pilot, got in another plane, flew up to her, and guided her through landing the plane.

She ended up with a few broken ribs, but she landed the plane on the runway.

They released the audio of the conversation and she was calm and collected and even joking by saying things such as, “This is a hell of a place to get stuck.”

You think?

Freaking amazing!

I know it’s a holiday, but thought you’d like some videos to watch, if only to give you conversation while hanging out with family.

5. Test Your Awareness.  This is a cycling ad, but it’s pretty cool to see how aware you are of your surroundings, when you’re told to focus on one thing. Check it out!

4. Amazing Bike Crash. It’s a cycling day! Rusty Speidel sent this to me and it’s pretty freaking amazing. Watch the cyclist in yellow. I’m impressed he maneuvered that way.

3. Woman Makes Rainbow with Shot Gun. Oh yes. This is amazing. A woman shoots a shot gun, over and over, into a creek in order to make a rainbow. Wow. Just wow. Thanks to Mark Wohlschlegel for sending it to me!

2. ADmented Reality. By now you’ve probably seen the very cool new Google spectacles. Well, someone took the promo video and added Google ads.  I present you with the best of both worlds, via Michael Schechter.

1. The Why and How of the PinPal Story. When I landed in Boston last Friday, direct from London and before that Oslo, I turned on my phone to see tweets and Facebook updates about Jimmy Addison and PinPal. By now you probably know it was an elaborate April Fool’s joke by some of my more creative friends who thought it would be funny to combine online dating with Pinterest. When they finally came clean, Danny Brown wrote a blog post about how organizations such as Klout are collecting data from our kids.

Happy Easter and Passover and weekend!

Gini Dietrich

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