It’s Friday! It’s Friday!

Is it warm where you are as it is in Chicago? I already have the start of my cycling tan. In March. Three months early.

As much as I love snow, I’m pretty happy being outside on my bike this early. Maybe Chicago is the new San Diego?

Perhaps, with Global Warming, the Great Lakes will be the new Riviera. Does that mean my property value is going to increase substantially?

It’s been a slow news week so this week’s Gin and Topics are five fun videos.

Have fun watching…and laughing!

5. Two Year Old Makena Sings Adele. If you missed this in your Facebook stream, it’s a must watch. It’ll melt your heart. I’m amazed a two year old knows every word like this. Be sure and hang on until the chorus. She really belts it out.

4. Funny Kiwi Bacon Commercial. As a vegetarian, this is particularly hilarious to me. But you’ll love it, too. It’s about bacon, after all. Thanks to Deb Dobson for the find!

3. They See Me Rollin. Jason Konopinski knows how to reach my heart. A cat riding a turtle. For real. What I want to know is how they figured out they could do this…without killing one another.

2. The Real Meaning of MPH. I’ll repeat what Crister Delacruz said about this on Facebook: If she were in my car, I’d push her out. Are people really this stupid…or is this an act? Such a nice little Mormon couple driving from Logan to Boise. Clearly they’re driving 20 miles in 40 miles per hour. Everyone knows that.

1. Shepherd Dog Slams Door in Owner’s Face. I think this is hilarious! Jennifer Devitt sent this to me last night, knowing full well I’d love it. We’d be in BIG trouble if Jack Bauer ever figured this out. As it is, we wonder if he grows opposable thumbs when we’re not home.

Gini Dietrich

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