Gin and TopicsHello, Friday!

So we meet again.

I’m looking forward to this weekend because I need to finish watching Stranger Things!

We barely made it through episode three last night. I agreed we should watch four and then fell asleep before the opening credits.

Hopefully it rains all day tomorrow so I don’t feel guilty about sitting inside on the couch, binge watching five more episodes.

If you aren’t watching it, I highly recommend it.

It’s very, very, very good…and it’ll leave you a little freaked out.

(And then, when I ask you during the Inquisition what you are binging on, you can say Stranger Things, at my recommendation! We all win!)

Let’s get ready for Gin and Topics.

This week’s videos are courtesy of Bob LeDrew (or Pepe LePew, as I call him) and me.

5. Team USA at the OTC. I have no idea how this has only 54,000 views. It should have millions. Maybe even gazillions. The Olympic athletes are at the training center and take a break to dance to a little JT. I love John Orozco from the gymnastics team. He’s my favorite.

4. Youngest Rocky Balboa Fan. This might be the cutest thing you see all week. This little boy—still in diapers—is a pro at mimicking the scene in Rocky where he’s punishing his body with all sorts of exercise.

3. The Baby Bachelorette, Episode 4. Yay! We are back for another episode of The Baby Bachelorette. This week it’s the hometown dates! Bianca meets Alex’s and Manny’s families and one doesn’t go so well. This is horrifying and delightful, all at once. I’m so confused about my feelings!

2. Cat Riding on Back of Scooter. I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS! How do you figure out your cat can do this? How many times do you try before it stays on the back? How many scratches do you have from doing this? What happens if it jumps off halfway through your ride? Clearly I am risk-adverse to having a cat ride on a scooter with me.

1. FLOTUS Carpool Karaoke. I want to be Michelle Obama when I grow up. She completely holds her own with James Corden and it is incredible. I love her. I also love that they just drive around the White House 1,600 times—with secret service following them. I wonder how that conversation goes? “Yes, you can have Mrs. Obama on your show, but you can’t leave the White House grounds.” Also, how cool is it if you are Stevie Wonder, Beyonce, or Missy Elliott? The freaking First Lady knows every word to your songs! So cool.

Have a great weekend!

Gini Dietrich

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