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My Jawbone UP split in half at the beginning of December so I decided to part ways with it—after three years of love—and buy a FitBit.

Since then, I have always come in in third place, behind Beth Kanter and Laura Petrolino (there are many reasons not to like her; this is one of them).

Well, yesterday, I finally did it. I was in the number one spot…for all of half a day.


This morning, I’m in second place and now I have a new competitor in Tamara McPherson. I am 7,000 steps behind Laura and only 2,000 steps ahead of Tamara.

Of course, I write this at 5:54 a.m., which means I’ve not started my stepping, but still.


(Not competitive at all.)

If you’d like to join me on FitBit, send me a friend request. I could use all the competition I can get.

I shall leave you with Gin and Topics because it’s time for me to start stepping and see if I can beat Laura two days in a row.

This week’s videos are courtesy of Kate Nolan, Alina Kelly, Mr. D., Eden Spodek, and yours truly.

5. Giant Panda Bear Frolics in Snow. This is how I feel about snow. I was so incredibly jealous of the east coast last weekend that I had to stay off of Facebook entirely. I couldn’t take all the photos. I live in the frozen tundra and all we’ve had are sub-zero temperatures. No snow on the ground at all. I’m with this bear.

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4. Amazing American Idol Audition. I’m sorry to put this in here. You’re going to cry. Big, fat alligator tears. Even Keith Urban cries. (I also forget how much I love Harry Connick, Jr.) So watch it and I’ll make it for it with funny videos below.

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3. The Dancing Barista. This will make you feel better. Meet Sam. Sam has movement disorder, which did not prevent him from getting a job at Starbucks, where they turned him into the dancing barista. Just when you begin to think the whole world is awful, you see something like this and your heart is warm again.

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2. Robin Sparkles. For those of who you are How I Met Your Mother Fans, you know Robin Sparkles well. Unless you’re watching it on on-demand, there is no more Robin Sparkles. So I shall leave you with her full-length music video to bring back memories of how exactly he did meet their mother. (The accent cracks me up!)

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1. Dax and Kristen Do Africa. I mean, look, if you’re going to make your family and friends look at your safari pictures from the vacation you just took while they were working, this is the way to do it. Now we all have something to aspire toward for our next holiday. (P.S. Liana, I know this was your song first.)

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Have a great weekend, all! You’ll know where I’ll be…riding my bike to get more steps.

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