Happy Friday! For those of us in the U.S. it really should be Thursday. I love short weeks!

So it’s been a week since Google+ launched and it’s starting to grow on me. I still have NO idea how I’m going to organize my Circles, but I’ve been using the stream and I like how clean and easy to navigate it is.

I’m starting to see that this will not kill Facebook. I think it’s going to (finally) kill email. Now I can update my work, friends, family, or 16 zillion other Circles, just like I would with email, but much more quickly.

And guess what? There isn’t a REPLY ALL button!

We’ll see how it does, but that’s my prediction. And with that, this week’s Gin and Topics are here.

5. Obama Tweets for the First Time. My friend Geoff Livingston got an invite to the White House Twitter town hall earlier this week. To say I’m insanely jealous is putting it mildly. He was part of a history-making event and, no matter your politics, this is an interesting article to read about the event.

4. The Principles of Creative Leadership. This Fast Company article about Ken Robinson, the author of “Out of Minds,” describes why creativity is so important in business growth…everywhere from leadership and innovation to brainstorming and financials.

3. How to Measure Google+ with Analytics. If you’re using Google+, I highly recommend you read and implement this blog post from Chris Penn. It walks you through where to find the G+ traffic and how to track it. And it goes a step further and helps you figure out how to actively convert that traffic.

2. When Women Continue to Be Edited Out. This blog post by Valeria Maltoni is a really good summation of her reaction to Sheryl Sandberg’s New Yorker article (below). She believes women are still being edited out (and for good reason) and not necessarily because of the reasons Sandberg quotes.

1. Can Sheryl Sandberg upend Silicon Valley’s male-dominated culture? I seriously want to be Sheryl Sandberg when I grow up. Not because she’s the COO at Facebook (though that helps), but because she speaks to women in a way that is inspiring and makes us all want to do better. This New Yorker article makes you believe in the work she’s doing…no matter how you feel about Facebook.

It’s supposed to be 80s and sunny all weekend so I’ll be on my bike. Have a great one!

Gini Dietrich

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