Gin and TopicsI just opened the media library to add the new image (isn’t it pretty?) to this blog post and saw five (FIVE!) photos of Oliver, Laura Petrolino’s dog.

That means her blog post on Monday likely features him (five times) and I can hardly wait to see what it is.

Lucky for me, I get a sneak peek before you do.

I’ll let you know.

I’m sure it’s something that will make you laugh, (make me roll my eyes), and you’ll learn something.

All courtesy of Oliver wearing a handkerchief on his head.

I’m going to head over and read that now.

While I do that, you can watch Gin and Topics and be entertained for 10 or 15 minutes.

Here is Gin and Topics for Your Viewing Pleasure

This week’s videos are courtesy of Tom Glover, Corina Manea, Jenna Kubly, Mattie Dietrich, and yours truly.

5. The Stories We Wear. This might be the very best example of a brand ambassador program I have ever seen. Bravo to Patagonia and bravo to Tom Doidge-Harrison who loves old things. I don’t care what business you’re in—B2C, B2B, non-profit, education—you can take lessons from this video. Watch it and be inspired.

4. Deaf Singer Wins Golden Buzzer. I kind of feel like they’re giving out way too many Golden Buzzers. Isn’t the whole point to make them extraordinarily exclusive? But this woman definitely deserves it and her story will make you cry. When she tells the story about being in school and waiting for the test to start, you will full on cry.

3. Google Translate Sings Mary Poppins. I was just saying that Google Translate is getting really good. Well, I take that back! They translated Mary Poppins into 20 languages and this is the result. It’s laugh out loud funny, at some parts.

2. Loca the Pug. Seriously, I want to be the kind of person who uses my spare time to make music videos about my dog. Loca’s human is very creative and this video is, well, it’s something.

1. Peyton Manning’s Kevin Durant Joke. Kevin Durant is having NONE of this and it’s hilarious! Lighten up, dude. No one really thinks you’re going to play for the gymnastics team. You can stick with your day job.

Don’t forget…if you see a great video you think would be a contender for this series, send it to me!

The best place to send it is in our Slack community, but you can also email, text, private message, or carrier pigeon it to me.

Have a great weekend!

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