Gin and TopicsWell, here we are.

Who would have thought, when I began counting down the Fridays until Christmas 13 weeks ago, it would be here this quickly?

There is only one Friday left before Christmas…and only two before the end of the year!

At this time last year, Laura Petrolino totally jinxed 2016.

Let me show you:

Not only is her logic flawed, she was completely wrong.

I cannot wait to say goodbye to 2016!

Nah, nah, nah, nah. Nah, nah, nah, nah. Hey, hey. Goodbye!

I’ve also told her she is not allowed to say anything about 2017. We don’t want her jinxing all of us!

And so this brings me to the second to last Gin and Topics of the year.

When we launched the Spin Sucks Slack community, we added a channel for Gin and Topics.

And, let me tell you, that channel is kicking. I have so many videos to choose from…my job is so much easier now!

To that end, this week’s videos are courtesy of Kate Nolan, Erika Heald, Tara Geissinger, Lou Draper, and yours truly (I did manage to find one video on my own).

5. How to Pronounce Rogue One. The new Stars Wars came out last night. Who has tickets (or who has already seen it)? If you’re in preparation mode, this video will teach you how to “correctly” pronounce the film’s name.

4. Come Together. In this ad (?) for H&M, which is directed by Wes Anderson and stars Adrien Brody, train passengers are stuck for 11.5 hours and will miss their holiday with family. Never fear! Adrien Brody to the rescue.

3. Christmas with Love From Mrs. Claus. There is something in my eye! Here is a story of a little boy who antagonizes his sister all year round. But Mrs. Claus fixes that right up.

2. How to Go Christmas Shopping with a Baby. In our quest to find holiday videos for the, erm, warmer countries (thank you, Lou!), this is how you get your shopping done with baby in tow. I’ll admit this makes me a little anxious. OK. A LOT anxious.

1. Mad Lib Theater with Chris Pratt. This is the Gin and Topics I make fun of Laura. Until I came along, she thought “mad libs” were “mad lips.” So if you ever need to give her a gift, I highly recommend a book of “mad lips.” In this video, Jimmy Fallon asks Chris Pratt for a bunch of words (prompted by questions) and then they play mad libs theater.

Have a great weekend!

Gini Dietrich

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