Gin and TopicsIt’s that time of the week! It’s Gin and Topics time!

And it’s the last Gin and Topics of February, which means we have only one more month left in the first quarter.

How crazy is that?

This is the time to review your goals, make sure they still make sense, and figure out what you have left to do to achieve them.

We’re a little behind in our goals so my team knows it’ll be buckle down time in March to get ‘er done.

Before that, though (and because it’s the weekend), take a few minutes to recharge your brain and watch Gin and Topics.

Gin and Topics for Your Viewing Pleasure

This week’s videos are courtesy of Corina Manea, MATTIE DIETRICH, Mihai Petre, Kate Nolan, and Susan Cellura.

5. Fake Celebrity Pranks New York City. Well, now we know why fake news exists. All it takes are some bodyguards, a few friends with cameras, and a half-unbuttoned shirt to make people think you’re a celebrity. Had I seen him on the streets, I would have thought, “Man, I’m old. I have no idea who that is.” Turns out, I’m not old!

4. Milo Ventimiglia Reads Sad Tweets. These tweets are no joke. “This Is Us” does take your heart and rip it to shreds and then eviscerate it and then light it on fire. When “Jack” reads the tweets people write about the show, it does make you tear up a little bit. #YourFirstLoveIsYourDad

3. Guy Can Do Every Accent. This is pretty impressive! This guy can do every accent thrown at him, including New York. Stuff like this always makes me wonder how they realize they have this talent…and what they do to hone it. I imagine he was out drinking with his buddies and they thought it was awesome. And so it began.

2. Newscaster Applies Makeup. This is strangely fascinating. When Kate sent in this video, she said, “Again, someone who is better at applying makeup than I am.” Yes, yes, and yes.

1. Your Week As Presented By Will Ferrell. Anything with Will Ferrell is funny, but this is especially so. Someone pulled together different scenes from his movies to present your week in visuals.

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Have a great weekend!

Gini Dietrich

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