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Gin and Topics: Get Your Pro-Chiller Leggings from Nike

By: Gini Dietrich | April 13, 2018 | 

Gin and TopicsThe full effect of April in our house is here.

Yesterday, Mr. D and I celebrated 15 years of marriage (we’re actually celebrating tomorrow) and Jack Bauer turned 14 today.

Bean’s fifth birthday is next week, complete with a party for 37 of her closest friends. And Mr. D’s birthday is at the end of the month.

I’m going to be WORN OUT!

But then spring will be here—and so will the cycling season. It’s the second most glorious time of the year (we all know winter and snow is the most glorious).

Happy! Happy!

With that, I shall leave you with Gin and Topics. My work here is done.

Gin and Topics for Your Viewing Pleasure

This week’s videos are courtesy of Mike Connell, Susan Cellura, Paula Kiger, and Rosemary O’Neill.

5. Create a VHS for Your Audience. Did you know there is a fancy new technology called a VHS and it can help you create customized videos for your audiences? The Vidyard team is here to tell you more.

4. The Panda Opera. The Toronto Zoo has released a “Panda-Opera,” the finest compilation of cute panda falls set to the music of “The Barber of Seville.” I mean, who can resist pandas to being with…let alone when they’re falling to in time with the opera.

3. Les Mis Karaoke. I can safely say if we did karaoke in our family, it would NOT sound like this. I feel like this is the new Von Trapp family. Go on tour, people! You’re incredible. The rest of the world does “Shake It Off” and they do Les Mis. We’re not worthy.

2. Pro-Chiller Leggings from Nike. Leggings can be pants, pajamas, and a napkin. Therefore, Nike has created the pro-chiller leggings so you can use them for all three. “Because I can’t just put my naked butt on the couch.”

1. Testing the Facial Slimmer Exercise Mouthpiece. I am ending this week’s Gin and Topics on the best note possible. This newscaster from WBTV in Charlotte, N.C. tries the facial slimmer exercise mouthpiece and it is the best thing you will see on the internet today. Hands down.

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