Gin and TopicsI’m back! Did you miss me?

We had a lovely family vacation to the Smoky Mountains, where I did a great amount of hiking and cycling.

My kind of trip!

Mike would like me to ask you if he did an OK job in my stead.

(It’s OK if you say no…he kind of deserves it after spending all week fishing for compliments.)

Say yay or nay in the comments and we’ll use that to fuel our next Gin and Topics guest edition.

For now, this week is all ready for you.

Without Further Ado…

This week’s videos are courtesy of Jill Manty, Susan Cellura, Christopher Penn, and yours truly.

5. Sheep Gets Stuck in Tire Swing. The only thing that would make this funnier is if it were my sister stuck, and not a sheep. That would make me fall down laughing so hard I might wet my pants. But this is a great substitute.

4. School’s Starting. This video is worth it for the Tom Cruise running scene. It made me snicker. For all of you racing to get kids back to school (we don’t start ’til the 4th so I’m still hanging on to every last bit of summer), this will feel familiar.

3. Rainbow Unicorn Rescue. The Chisago County sheriff’s department was driving past a lake when they saw a rainbow unicorn stranded. This video is of them stopping to help.

2. Kate McKinnon Flawlessly Performs a Hungarian Rap. I’ll admit I watched this with a big grin on my face. She is flawless at this rap—and it’s great!

1. Kalen Reacts to Cereal Breakfast Cake. My word, I love this man. My reaction to this cake is similar to his. Also, I have phantom stomach pains just from watching it.

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