Gin and TopicsLiz Reusswig posted in our company Slack channel this morning, “Happy Friday that feels like a Wednesday!”

Ah, summertime. I love you.

Did you enjoy your short week?

Of course, now we have eight weeks until our next holiday break (at least here in the U.S.), not counting any of your vacations.

And then I can officially count down to Christmas.

Woo hoo!

(It’s 24 more Fridays until Christmas, if you’re wondering.)

End your short holiday week with Gin and Topics.

Gin and Topics for Your Viewing Pleasure

This week’s Gin and Topics is courtesy of Susan Cellura, the aforementioned Liz, and yours truly.

5. Kids Growing Up with Dogs. This is stinking adorable. It always melts my heart when Jack Bauer will allow my Beanie to snuggle with him (it’s not often!). This video shows snuggling and swinging and eating and more.

4. This Donkey is Smarter Than You. I guarantee this donkey is smarter than most of us. He’s a real problem solver!

3. Son Determines Father’s Parking Ticket. THIS JUDGE IS AMAZING! Apparently his thing is to bring kids up on the bench to decide on their parent’s fate. This conversation takes the cake. Five-year-old Jacob gets to decide how much his dad should pay for a parking ticket. The judge gives him three choices. It’s pretty funny!

2. Fireworks Filmed with a Drone. Well, this is about as close as one will ever get to fireworks. A drone and a GoPro film them up and close and personal.

1. The Sound of Music Opening Scene. First off, what the heck is that on Jimmy’s face? Is he auditioning for a porn movie? I mean, really. I’ve heard this story before, so it’s not really a “reveal,” but Julie Andrews discusses how they filmed the iconic meadow scene in The Sound of Music.

Don’t forget…if you see a great video you think would be a contender for this series, send it to me!

The best place to send it is in our Slack community, but you can also email, text, private message, or carrier pigeon it to me.

Have a great weekend!

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