I really thought yesterday was Friday. I got up to write Gin and Topics and got halfway through before I realized it was only Thursday.

What a disappointment!

But that’s OK. Friday is here now. Only one thing…it’s daylight savings this weekend. So you’re going to lose an hour. Try not to be too grouchy about it.

And…for all of you at SxSW? I’m officially envious. Have tons of fun, learn lots, and bring back good stories to share!

5. Strawberry Pie. Grannies are for pononin noobs! OK. I have no idea what that means, but this is pretty funny. Thanks to Ifdy Perez for sending it to me.

4. Google Puts Feet On the Street. My Marketing in the Round co-author, Geoff Livingston, writes a compelling blog post about how Google is hoping to compete with Facebook and others…by putting people on the street. They’re going into businesses and showing them how to use Google+. Methinks this is cheating. See what you think.

3. Facebook Rolls Out Timeline for Businesses. Hopefully you didn’t miss the big announcement last week, but if you did, Facebook has finally opened Timeline for businesses. We love it! We still have some work to do on the Arment Dietrich page, but it’s getting there. It’s so well organized, easy to look at, and easy to find conversations.

2. Japanese Ray Gun Leaves People Speechless. OK. I’m pretty sure I should not find this as entertaining as I do, but… It’s a ray gun that, when pointed at a person, renders them speechless. The owners of the company that make it say it will be useful in meetings to get the loud mouth to stop talking or in social situations when one person is commandeering the conversation. I could have used it on the El the other day!

1. KONY 12. This is pretty incredible. KONY 2012 is a film by Invisible Children to bring Ugandan warlord Joseph Kony to justice and free the thousands of “invisible children” he has abducted and pressed into soldiering and sex-slavery. They’re calling for a global grassroots campaign on April 20 to find Kony and have him arrested.

And, on that happy note, happy weekend!

Gini Dietrich

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