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Who is ready for spring!

I am ready for spring!

Mother Nature has been quite a tease in Chicago this week. It was in the 60s on Monday and Tuesday and now we’re back in the 30s.

I’m ready to abandon my trainer and get outside on my bike.

Let’s do this!

Speaking of weather, we have not one, but two videos this week about the weather. I’m not the only one obsessed (I really should have been a meteorologist)!

This week’s Gin and Topics is courtesy of Bob LeDrew (it’s really hard for me not to write Pepe LePew), Melanie Deardorff, Susan Cellura, and yours truly.

5. Frankie MacDonald Interview. My boyfriend, Frankie MacDonald, is interviewed on the local news about the weather and he does more than just the local news. He talks about the entire continent. We love you, Frankie!

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 8.17.32 AM

4. Flavor Flav Does the Weather in SLC. And speaking of the weather, Flavor Flav stops by a local news station in Salt Lake City. Apparently his brother lives there so it was a combo punch with Flavor Flav doing the weather and his brother looking for a good home for a rescue dog. “We’re going to be back with some more stuff.”

Flavor Flav works hard to do the weather forecast without rapping itClick To Tweet

3. Ted Cruz Bad Lip Reading. No matter who you are voting for in this crazy election, you will love this! My favorite part is when his wife “says” he likes to eat hair. But it gets even better toward the end when he and his wife “talk” about her former boyfriend. Oh, bad lip reading guys. I love you!

Bad Lip Reading takes on Ted Cruz and it is quite spectacularClick To Tweet

2. The Walking Dead Goes Benny Hill. Seriously, I wish I had this kind of time on my hands. I love the creativity of people like this!

There is something comical about zombies attacking to the theme song of Benny HillClick To Tweet

1. Ben Affleck Sneaks Matt Damon Onto the Jimmy Kimmel Show. Even though you know what’s coming, this is H-I-larious! I’m rather amazed at how they accomplished this, but don’t want to ruin it for you so go watch! (And if you don’t know the background behind why Jimmy isĀ not happy, read this.)

Ben Affleck sneaks Matt Damon on the Jimmy Kimmel show and it is hilarious!Click To Tweet

Have a great weekend! I hope it’s warm where you are and you can go play outside!

P.S. Don’t forget to change your clocks on Saturday night.

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