Gin and Topics

Alright, my friends! This is my last Gin and Topics for a week.

I’m taking a little time off from Spin Sucks next week so Mike Connell is going to be your Gin and Topics host.

Try not to miss me too much. He’s funny (sometimes) so surely that will come through in his choice of videos.

I’ll be back on August 17, hopefully with my brain relaxed and recharged…and my body screaming from abuse (I’m going to be riding my bike in the mountains).

Do let me know if he’s brilliant…or an absolute disaster.

I’m kind of hoping for the latter so I have something to blackmail him with, but you never know. He might be brilliant. We’ll see.

And now I give you this week’s Gin and Topics.

Without Further Ado…Gin and Topics

The videos are courtesy of MATTIE DIETRICH, Susan Cellura, Matt Maxey, and yours truly.

5. Flamingo. Little kids trying to say words is one of the most funny things on earth. Little Paige here tries to say “flamingo” and it’s a riot!

4. Will Ferrell and Chad Smith Drum Off. I cannot get over how much alike Will Ferrell looks like the Red Hot Chili Pepper’s drummer. CRAZY! They have a drum off, and I think we all know who wins. (Although, Will Ferrell totally wins the trash talking.) The reward at the end is amazing.

3. If Everyone Acted Like a Southern Mama. This isn’t just Southern mamas. I would say it’s every mother on earth. And here is what it would be like if your auto mechanic, your doctor, the police officer, and a telemarketer all acted like your mom.

2. The Phil Mickelson Dance. I’m not sure anything I can say about this ad for moisture-wicking dress shirts can do what you’re about to see justice. So…just watch it. It’s the best thing you’ll see all week.

1. Tom Cruise Takes James Corden Sky Diving. As a side note: I know Tom Cruise is crazy, but does he age? My word, he is handsome. And his getting James Corden to jump out of a plane is marvelous. You reap what you sow, Corden.

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