Gin and TopicsJust when it seems like the world has gone to hell in a hand basket, people prove us all wrong.

This week’s Gin and Topics is full of so much inspiration, you’ll wonder if all the bad was just a dream.

We need to hear some good—and we ned to experience some good.

These videos will do that for you.

You have an incredible human rights ad.

There is a teenager who communicates with a blind and deaf man—someone you hope your own kids will emulate.

Watch a crazy talented 15-year-old sing “Natural Woman” as if she is Aretha Franklin.

Take a trip down memory lane with Paul McCartney and James Corden.

And, of course, make fun of our serious Slack addiction.

Gin and Topics for Your Viewing Pleasure

This week’s videos are courtesy of Kelly Dietrich, Paula Kiger, Mike Schaffer, Whitney Danhauer, and yours truly.

5. MJ Hegar—Doors. While this is billed as a political ad, I’d argue it’s more than that. It’s a human rights ad and the woman just happens to be running for office in Texas. While most of us can’t vote for her, it’s compelling enough to watch and remember we are all human beings. All of us. It’s an incredibly powerful piece about how doors are shut in our faces our entire lives. Watch it. Sit with it. Remember it.(And, if you’re so inclined, you can donate to her campaign, whether or not you live in Texas.)

4. Teenager Communicates with Blind and Deaf Man. I read a story last week about a man on an Alaska Airlines flight who was having a hard time communicating. You see, he is blind and deaf. And, while the airline staff did their best to get him what he needed—and his seat mates helped him with his drinks and snacks—he couldn’t tell anyone what he needed. Enter a teenager who learned sign language as her second language. This video shows how she communicated with him. And all the world is good again.

3. When Slack is Down. Slack was down earlier this week and, for those of us who have come to depend on it for ALL communication, it was a disaster. But leave it to BuzzFeed to produce something quickly, making fun of those of us in pain.

2. The Golden Buzzer Goes to… Holy cow. If this doesn’t make you tear up a little bit, I don’t know what will. Fifteen-year-old Amanda Mena CRUSHES “Natural Woman” on stage. The kind of talent some people possess is just incredible. You will be inspired by this young woman.

1. Paul McCartney Carpool Karaoke. This has made the rounds on the internet this week with people exclaiming about how perfect it is. Beatles fan or not, you will absolutely love this, if only for the trip down memory lane. It’s really long so set aside some time this weekend to watch.

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