Gin and TopicsBy Gini Dietrich

I can’t sing the Friday song again today, can I?

I can’t get it out of my head! I guess it’s better than the earworm Jason Konopinski had this morning (Tubthumping).

It is Super Bowl weekend!

Though I said I quit football after the Bears lost to the Packers on the last regular game of the season, I will watch the big game.

I want to see Peyton Manning get another ring when he’s not playing my team.

Until the game, ads, and halftime show are ready, take a gander through this week’s Gin and Topics.

The videos come to you courtesy of Mr. D, Molli Megasko (I miss her!), Brian Vickery, and yours truly.

5. The Week of Greatness. This is an ad for Foot Locker and it is freaking fantastic! I love it when Brett Favre says, “A man’s gotta know when to walk away.” HAHAHAH! I love you, Favre, but I despise the Packers. Walk away, man. Walk away.

 4. @TrappedAtMyDesk. This is heartbreaking and so very compelling. A young woman learns she has brain cancer and only a few months left to live – and tweets about it. Someone compiled her tweets into this very powerful video. Get the tissues ready.

3. ABBA Goes to the Dogs. We can’t have an episode of Gin and Topics without animals. This week is a video from a pet rescue organization. It’s super creative and makes you want to run out and adopt a dog. Plus look at those puppies!

2. Members of the Military Return Home. Good Lord. The onions are really powerful today! Get the tissues out again.

1. More NFL Bad Lip Reading. In honor of the Super Bowl this weekend, we bring you more bad lip reading in the NFL. Peyton Manning talks about Voldemort -and says his name twice! I laughed so hard there were tears. (My mom also sent this to me so it has her stamp of approval!)

Go Broncos!

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