videoHello, Communications Professional.

I’d like you to meet HR Professional.

I know it may not seem like the two of you have much in common, but I think you can help each other a lot.

Specifically, I believe you can share certain types of video content.

Content that will help you, the communications pro, promote your business to customers.

As well as content that will help the HR pro attract talented employees, and make the current ones feel better about their jobs.

Sounds pretty awesome, right?!

Good content you don’t need to create, just share.

I’m talking about the videos each department already produces and uses regularly.

I know, I know…Settle down, communications pro.

HR videos are traditionally pretty bad.

However, these days, there are lots of terrific HR videos out there that can be used effectively as PR and marketing content.

Culture as a PR and Marketing Tool

The first type of video is a no-brainer.

Many HR departments produce corporate culture videos.

For HR pros, that’s a great way to show prospects or new employees what the company is all about.

It also happens to provide excellent content to share with the general public.

We all know people are far more likely to buy from us if they know us.

A company culture video helps customers get to know your business by giving them a better sense of how you operate.

Along those same lines, if an HR pro has produced any videos featuring an employee of the month/quarter/year, those are great videos for marketers and communicators to share as well.

Introduce your customers to the people working tirelessly to serve their needs.

The more they get to see and hear from the personalities who work at your company, the more they’ll feel like they’re getting to know your team.

And the more they get to know your organization, the more they’ll want to do business with you.

What’s Happening Around Your Company?

Next, HR pro might have videos featuring specific initiatives, like your company’s charitable efforts.

Those could work well externally, too.

Take a look at the research.

Whether it’s the Edelman Trust Barometer or the Prophet Brand Relevance Index, people like knowing the brands they use have missions bigger than the bottom line.

They want to know the company behind the brand has a heart.

If your business is doing anything to make our world a better place, you should share that with your audience.

An excellent HR department will have content that can help.

Training Videos

How about good old fashion training videos?

Probably not your first thought when it comes to entertaining content, right?

But it’s true!

You can potentially use training videos for marketing and PR.

Okay, I wouldn’t recommend ones that are boring or unintentionally hilarious.

We don’t want to make the company look bad!

Thankfully, you probably have a few better quality training videos you can use.

Think about it.

Do you have any unique technology or processes that solve your customers’ needs?

Maybe your content demonstrates a real commitment to safety.

They might not be sexy, but they can give customers useful insights that could help make a sale.

Good Morale, Good Marketing

Finally, does your company ever produce fun internal videos to boost company morale?

Not all of these will be appropriate for customers, but some will.

They can really show your company’s personality, and people will relate to that.

One of the most exceptional video marketing campaigns of all time actually started as a fun internal video series.

The folks at Blendtec thought employees would get a kick out of seeing if everyday items could be blended in their blenders.

They started producing those and sharing them with the team.

They were so popular, employees started sharing them with friends and family.

Today Will It Blend? has hundreds of thousands of YouTube subscribers, and their videos have received countless millions of views.

Vid Pro Quo

Okay, time for a vid-er quid pro quo.

HR pro has just given you a bunch of content to use.

Now it’s communications pro’s turn.

About Us Videos

Remember that About Us video you recently produced for your website?

You should totally share that with HR!

As with the company culture video, this is a helpful piece of content to share with prospective and new employees.

The same thing goes for any video featuring your products and services.

This is content HR pro might not even consider, yet they can use them to attract talent to your company.

Thought Leadership

Have you created any thought leadership videos featuring your brightest and best?

These are ideal to share with the entire team.

First, they demonstrate the quality of the people working at the company.

Second, they show employees why customers trust your company.

And that will help make them proud of where they work!


Do you have any testimonial videos?

What better way to boost company morale than to show employees how their hard work is helping your customers?

Offer those testimonial videos to the HR pro so they can share them with the entire staff.

Video Content for All

See? The communications pro and HR pro really can help each other out.

You can be friends!

And gain content for everyone!

Does your organization benefit from sharing internal videos externally and external videos internally?

Tell us your experiences in the comments below.

Tony Gnau

Tony Gnau is a three-time Emmy-winning journalist. He is also the founder and chief storytelling officer at T60 Productions, a video production company specializing in PR and marketing videos.

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