Back to our regularly scheduled programming, albeit a week late. I’ve been thinking about this series and I know it’s being received well because of the traffic numbers, but I hate “Top Five Stories for Week Ending XXX.”

We need a new name. Danny Brown has Sunday Brunch. Beth Harte has Saturday Morning Reads. Lisa Barone has Weekend Coffee Links. Ingrid Abboud has SuperPost Sunday. And Mitch Joel has Six Links Worthy of Your Attention.

When we began this series, we named it Top Five Stories for SEO reasons (and because Danny hadn’t come up with something I could steal). But I hate it.

So…what’s more Gini like? What’s more Spin Sucks like? What’s more Gini + Spin Sucks + Weekly Stories = …. ??

I could just name it Monkeys, Ice Cream, and Everything In Between (because, let’s be real, monkeys and ice cream are awesome, but monkeys eating ice cream is even better), but that doesn’t really tell me what I’m about to read if I’m new here.

You tell me. What would you name the series? It runs every Friday at noon (except this week because of the Kenneth Cole fiasco) and it’s always the top five stories we think you should read.

Let’s see. I should give something to the person who comes up with the name we use.

I KNOW! The winning name will receive a copy of Branding Yourself: How to Use Social Media to Invent or Reinvent Yourself by Kyle Lacy and and Erik Deckers.

I’ll close the ideas at midnight CT on Tuesday, Feb. 8 (two days before my birthday) and announce the winner next Friday (the day after my birthday) in this series. So have at it, the comments are yours!

While you’re thinking of something fantastic, I’ll move on to the top five stories for the week.

5. The Ultimate Productivity Blog. You’ll see. Enough said.

4. Your Digital Footprint Is Muddy. Let’s see. It’s February 5. This year, alone, we’ve had not one, not two, not three, but four companies call us because their PR firm is “too busy” to get them what they need, but they’re seen all over Facebook and Twitter. Hey fellow PR peeps! Your priorities are screwed up! Mitch Joel explains it very well in this blog post. Wait. Maybe you shouldn’t read this so we can continue getting your upset clients.

3. Leadership: Examples Are Everywhere. I love it when Randy Hall blogs. He’s so wicked smart and his lessons are easy to relate to your own career growth. In this, he discusses two leadership lessons. One from Gil Meche, the Kansas City Royals pitcher (or former pitcher, he is now) and Congressman Dennis Kucinich. Who would you rather emulate?

2. In Praise of the A-List. When I read this blog post, I tweeted Olivier Blanchard and told him to prepare for a kiss from me. It seems the pendulum is swinging for the “A-list celebrity” in the social media world. I like to tell the story of my mom, a few months ago, asking me when I’m going to write my book (I sort of have to get Project Jack Bauer launched first, but that’s beside the point). I told her I didn’t know if I wanted to anymore because everyone is writing books. She said, “Gin. You’ve wanted to write a book since you were tiny. Maybe everyone in your little bubble is writing a book, but in the real world, it’s a big deal to do it.” So I always keep that in mind in the social media bubble. Is this really important in the big scheme of things?  Will it attract the attention of our target audience?

1. Ten Things You’re Not Allowed to Say at Davos. I love this HBR blog post for many reasons, but mostly because Umair Haque calls out the hoity toity, ultra-wealthy people who attend Davos, the site of the World Economic Forum. One of my favorite quotes? “Davos is back with a bang — and it’s simply not in good taste to call it a vulgar, loutish spectacle of Ponziconomics.”

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