We are in an industry and era where digital success equals company greatness. The hard part is proving it to the old fashioned. I just got an email from my good friend who decided to pack up and travel the world before settling down with his life. Staying in touch with someone who is traveling the world can be very tough or expensive if you dare to make an international phone call. My friend created his own RSS feed so his friends and family could keep in touch and witness his adventure through maps, pictures, and exciting stories.

A recent survey by PRWeek’s Marketing Management, stated 75 percent of companies’ surveyed made it clear they are expanding their budgets for digital and online initiatives and cutting their digital marketing would be the last department cut.

Now, how do we get this message to clients, friends, or yes even our parents! I suddenly just had memories of teaching my parents how to use their first cell phone. The fact is, this is how people are getting their news and information, online and through blogging worlds. If you want to boost your company, clients where about and their success, and even your personal life, a blog is a great place to start. Much like the Chicago Cubs and Kosuke Fukudome, this is the year, of the blog!