Social media douchebag Grammar Pet Peeves was a big hit last month and I couldn’t help but notice that a LOT of us were having fun.

I honestly hesitated writing this because I felt like I might be preaching to the choir. A lot of us get it. We understand social media, we’re certified geeks, and we are here to learn at an even deeper level. But every day, I come across something on the fabulous Internet that makes me cringe, or want to reply in all caps, “YOU’RE DOING IT ALL WRONG.”

I still get the comment, all the time – Social media is a waste of time. I have far better things to do. Or, I just don’t understand how it can help my business.

Without further ado, I bring to you our list of top 10 social media pet peeves. This was not intended to be a rant, rather an attempt to eradicate douchebaggery from the social networks. If you’re doing this, you’re doing it ALL WRONG. And yes, you will continue to wonder why social media is not working for you. 

  1. Auto-DM When I follow you on Twitter, and immediately get an auto direct message asking me to friend you on Facebook or visit your website, you’ve just turned on the ICK factor, and I’ve hit the unfollow button. Seriously, I can’t believe I even have to still write about this. When I took over the Spin Sucks Twitter account, I became astounded, yes downright flabbergasted, at the number of auto-DMs that are out there in this world. I rank this right up there with automatic music on your website. Friend you on Facebook? Aren’t you at least going to buy me dinner tweet with me first?
  2. Buy my book. This was a post from a “friend” on Facebook. A friend from whom I had not heard a peep other than several check-ins on Vail’s epic mix, letting us know that he’s skiing. Then, out of blue, I get a link to buy his new book, and he didn’t even ask me, he told me. I felt abused. Imagine how your customers would feel?
  3. Link your game playing habit to Facebook. I am definitely not interested in what level you attained in Halo or however that game works.
  4. Adding “Please RT” at the end of tweets. We’ll re-tweet something if it is relevant and interesting to share with our group. Not because you asked me.
  5. Broadcast Syndrome: Symptoms begin with organizations with a very low follow to following ratio. You aren’t listening to anyone, therefore you only have yourself to talk about. You broadcast your specials, and you leave questions unanswered. We look at your profile page, and see a list of marketing messages. We yawn, we move on. You’re doing it wrong. Save that stuff for your print ads and talk to us, and share interesting information.
  6. The Follow Friday tweets with the unending lists of twitter handles. I know, a lot of people still do this. We think it’s getting old. It was a great idea when Twitter first started because we were all looking for interesting people, but sometimes it just feels like your fishing for a return follow recommendation. Sorry, now we’ve become cynical.
  7. Facebook messages. Facebook group messages from your personal page or your company page are annoying and they are spam in my book. If I “like” your page, that does not give you permission to email me. That’s for your newsletter opt-in. Even worse is when people reply to these messages because the default is to reply to all. Chewing on tin foil – same difference.
  8. Invitations to a gazillion different social networks. Must I explain?
  9. Facebook recommendations. Getting a ton of recommendations from you to “like” this page and “friend” this person.  There are certainly exceptions to this pet peeve. If it’s truly a personal recommendation for me because you know I have an interest in it,  that’s fine. But for the most part, please stop telling me who to like and where to go on facebook.
  10. Dual personality:. I follow you personally AND your company and you tweet the same things from both of your accounts. I think something is wrong with my eyes.

What are your social media pet peeves?

PS. thanks to Social Engine People for the excellent image.