social media presence Last week, you were tasked with a digital declutter.

This week, we are going to keep the spring cleaning going with a deep dive into our social media presence.

You are probably on your social channels a bunch anyway right now gathering the latest COVID-19 news or trying to distract yourself with a funny meme or cute animal video.

You might as well also re-group, refocus, and tidy those social channels up so they are sparling and on message.

Scrub-a-Dub-Dub, Put Those Social Channels In the Tub

Before we start, can we just take a moment to appreciate the ridiculous levels of awesome emitting from this subhead?

It might be the best I’ve ever written.

And it’s true!

Many of your social channels are filthy.

Full of broken links, outdated copy, images from the year 2000, and even old messaging.

Yuck, yuck, yuck.

Let’s clean them up!


  • Are your “About” and “Company Info” up-to-date and accurate?
  • Do they accurately represent your current message strategy?
  • Is all of your contact info, phone numbers, and addresses accurate?
  • Have you switched over to Business Manager yet?
  • If you do Facebook ads, have you installed a pixel?
  • How does your Timeline story look? Have you added anything to it? Is it up-to-date?
  • When was the last time you updated your cover photo?
  • Does your cover photo have copy in the description (so it shows up when you scroll over it)?
  • Do you take advantage of the call-to-action buttons? Are you using them effectively and in context of your goals?
  • Check out your reviews section. Do you have any? Are they positive? Negative? Have you asked some of your happy customers to leave reviews?
  • Take a look at your video section. Are there any videos that are out of date or don’t still properly represent your company? 
  • Are there videos that would be helpful to have up there, knowing that’s often where people turn?
  • Do the same with photos.
  • Do you need to remove anyone from your “Page Roles?” Former employees or others who no longer should have access to the page?
  • Do you have outdated and inactive tabs?
  • Have you created a customized URL?
  • Are you using your Facebook stories effectively?
  • Have you looked at your analytics lately? Write down all the things they tell you about your Facebook page and what it means for your business. 


  • Keep your channel clean and use ManageFlitter or another similar service to clear up old and inactive accounts you follow.
  • Is your Facebook connected to your Twitter so it auto-posts when you post something on Facebook (same might be true for Instagram)? This sometimes happens automatically so double check it’s not set-up this way.
  • Do your cover image and avatar project the right message?
  • Are they sized correctly? Please go check because a lot of you fail here and it’s embarrassing (this applies to all social networks). You can find a great cheat sheet here
  • Is your bio up to date?
  • Does the link in your bio work? Is it pointing to the right place?
  • When was the last time you looked at your lists? Do they need to be cleaned-up and updated?
  • Can you use your lists more strategically?
  • How are you using Twitter to monitor keywords and brand mentions?
  • Have you looked at your analytics? What content does best on Twitter vs. other channels? What type of actions does traffic referred from Twitter take on your website?


  • Instagram seems to update their app every other day. Is yours up-to-date?
  • Is your bio on target?
  • Does the link in your bio work? Is it pointing to the right place?
  • Are you using Link.Tree or another app to allow people to be directed to more specific places?
  • Are you tagged in any photos that don’t properly represent your image?
  • How are your Instagram Stories? Are using Instagram stories effectively?
  • Do you use the new features Instagram puts out? These normally indicate where they want to focus and therefore, elements that might best influence their algorithm.
  • If you work with influencers are they disclosing properly (read this post for guidance–> FTC Disclosure).
  • Have you read these posts on how to most effectively use Instagram for business?

LinkedIn Personal Account

  • Is your profile image fitting and recent (at least within the last five years)?
  • Does your headline project the right message and make sense to the people you’d like to connect with?
  • Is your summary targeted for your audience and provide a good overview of your skills and background?
  • Do you list you current and past positions? Are the listings accurate?
  • Do you connect the listed positions to the associated company LinkedIn pages?
  • Have you created a customized URL?
  • Check out your permissions. Do you show what you want to the people you are connected to and the people you aren’t?
  • How do you have your settings? Can people see who you are when you look at their profiles?
  • Do you have your account connected to Slideshare, so you can share your presentations?
  • Do you use LinkedIn Publishing?
  • How about LinkedIn Live?
  • Do you use groups them productively?
  • Do you share posts that make sense for your brand (personal and business regularly).
  • Are you engaging with people who engage with you?

LinkedIn Business Account

  • Is your “About Us” up-to-date and accurate?
  • Are your “Specialities” and other basic information up-to-date and accurate?
  • Do all of your employees connect to your page?
  • Are your job listings up-to-date?
  • Do any former employers still list themselves as current?
  • Does your logo display well and fit the correct dimensions?
  • How are you using this account? Check out your analytics…how do your customers use this account? How can you help them do that better?
  • Do you have a showcase page where you can focus on and prioritize one aspect of your business? Check out our PESO model showcase page as an example.


  • Do you have active automations?
  • Can you add some simple ones to allow you more time to actually engage on social?
  • Are any of your automations inappropriate in the context of our current situation?

Improve Your Social Media Presence Today

While there are other social channels, these four are the most popularly used, so I’ll stop there.

If you need guidance concerning how to improve your social media presence on another channel, please submit in the Spin Sucks Community.

You also want to evaluate which social channels you are actively using and those you are not.

Do you have dormant channels sitting unused and lonely?

Remove them or put them into work.

I challenge all Spin Sucks readers to go into the next quarter free of dormant channels.

You’re better than that!

Next week we will talk website business spring cleaning.

So get to work on social now so you are ready to move on next week.


If you want to make sure you are using your social channels in a way that actually drives real business goals, as part of an integrated communications plan, check out the PESO Model Certification. 

Laura Petrolino

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