The moment you’ve all been waiting for, or maybe it’s just the moment we’ve been waiting for…the launch of our Social Media Primer eBook!

We’ve incorporated the top questions we get asked about social media and laid out our thoughts along with comments taken directly from Spin Sucks readers!  (Yes, you’ll have to buy the book to see if one of your comments made a feature.)

The book discusses:

  • An intro to social media;
  • The argument of who social media belongs to;
  • Measurement and ROI;
  • How much time should be devoted;
  • The do’s and don’ts;
  • Real-world social media ideas;
  • The difference between relationships and selling;
  • Importance of transparency;
  • How to deal with negative comments; and
  • A case study on using social media for business growth.

So who should buy the book?  Well, I’ve listed the ideal reader below.

  1. Anyone whose job it is to be doing social media.  Whether you think you know everything or you don’t, this text gives opinions and free sites to help you with your efforts.  (Hey, you can probably expense the cost of our book.)
  2. C-suite executives because social media is changing the way we communicate, it allows your customers to talk publicly about their thoughts on your brand, and it’s something your employees are using, regardless of how you feel about it.  The topics help define the importance and tackle some big issues that will provide clarity.
  3. Start-ups who want some ideas on how to get started.  If you’re an entrepreneur, we know you’re looking for inexpensive, but good information.  The discussions in this book beg for action and don’t just talk about theories, but gives you places to go and things to do.
  4. Individuals who want to understand what social media is all about.  Even if you’re not participating online for business, consider this your guide to getting there.

This is our first eBook in a series.  We kept this one pretty broad and hope with YOUR feedback we’ll develop the topic for the next copy.

The Social Media Primer eBook is available through our Facebook page.