Why Spin Sucks Is the Best Blog for Guest PostsBy Unmana Datta

Hello, friends.

It’s been a long time since I posted here—or even commented, but I still lurk.

And I’m always amazed at how much fun it is to be here (even if I’m just looking, not talking).

I’ve spent some time thinking about why I keep returning to Spin Sucks and one of the reasons is because of the guest posts—both the ones each of you have written and the ones I have contributed.

Of all the places I have contributed guest posts, Spin Sucks remains my favorite.

Here is why.

The Comments Further the Discussion of the Guest Posts

This is my favorite part of having guest posts run here: I always eagerly look for the comments.

Whether you agree with my guest posts or not, you each bring your own perspective and teach me things I didn’t know or point out views I hadn’t considered.

People don’t post just for the sake of saying “nice post” (though those comments are great too).

Most of you actually take the time to say something thoughtful, or education, or hilarious (or all three).

It Actually is a Community

Like most popular blogs, there are regular commenters who know each other and come out to play in most posts.

I don’t just come here for Gini Dietrich anymore, I come here for all of you who I’ve “met” through this blog: Danny Brown and Brian Vickery and Lubna Sadik and Rob Biesenbach, to mention a few.

Thanks for being around.

The Commenters are Polite

But what makes the Spin Sucks community even more awesome is everyone is so friendly and welcoming.

I read a lot of blogs, but I lurk on most of the popular ones because I’m too nervous about getting across my message right.

Everyone was so polite and welcoming even when I was new here, and even when you didn’t agree with me.

The Community is Nurtured

Of course, the community didn’t grow up here on its own.

I can see perfectly well why you all come to play in this sandpit.

Gini and Lindsay Bell make us all feel welcome.

They reply to comments, even when I imagine they have lots of other things to do.

They are always polite and friendly and funny—and available.

They give us our own time in the spotlight with the Follow Fridays, and now the Spin Sucks Inquisitions.

A Note on the Inquisitions

May I linger a bit on the Inquisition—known to us old timers as the Follow Friday?

I had been surprised when I first looked at the comments on one of them and realized it was a surprise to the person who was being followed—that Gini had put together this awesome vignette of this person’s life and interests and social media presence without their help.

I thought it was awesome, and I found it so much more awesome when it happened to me.

That Gini not only meticulously researched me online and put together my profile, she also mentioned me on each social media site when she shared the post later.

With this kind of care going into highlighting members of the community, no wonder we’re all happy to be here.

Keep on being awesome, you all.

Unmana Datta

Unmana Datta is a marketing professional who loves writing. She writes about marketing on the Markitty blog and about other stuff on her personal blog.

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