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The Spin Sucks Inquisition is Coming!

By: Gini Dietrich | March 14, 2014 | 

The Spin Sucks Inquisition is Coming!By Gini Dietrich

In 2008, when I hung out on Twitter a  lot more than I do today (sad face!), I created a spreadsheet of my followers (nerd alert!).

On the spreadsheet, I had where they lived, the industry they were in, and a couple of columns with hobbies and interests.

I did this for the sole purpose of being able to give people a reason to follow them during #FollowFriday.

Even back then, the lists of Twitter handles and #FF drove me nuts. You know what I mean: #FF @twitterhandle @twitterhandle @twitterhandle @twitterhandle @twitterhandle @twitterhandle!

Of course, my spreadsheet wasn’t scalable and because I’m not a programmer, I couldn’t create an algorithm to do that for me. So I took #FollowFriday to this very blog and began to recommend one person every week.

Fast forward five and a half years and that feature is one of our most popular blog posts every week.

You love it. We love it.

But there comes a time in the life of content that it is meant to change.

Death of the Spin Sucks #FollowFriday

So today we are going to bury the weekly #FollowFriday recommendations.

Never fear! A new series will replace it, and will still recommend one person for you to get to know a little better each week.

You’ll learn a bit more about them, where to find them online, and have the opportunity to connect with them in the comments.

The only difference is it won’t be a surprise to the week’s featured star as we will have sent them a list of questions ahead of time.

Before we launch it, though, we need your help.

Birth of the Spin Sucks Inquisition

The series will be called the Spin Sucks Inquisition…and it will be just that. An inquisition into the things you wouldn’t normally learn about a person in their daily online dealings.

We’ll have five set questions we ask every week and you get to vote on what those questions will be (or add your own!).

Following is the list we created. You can vote on these or add your own to be voted on. The five with the most votes will win a spot in the Spin Sucks Inquisition.

What’s Next?

I am sad to see #FollowFriday go, but think this is going to be a fun new series while still introducing you to someone new each week.

We’ll begin the Spin Sucks Inquisition next Friday with our new shared media manager, who starts with us on Monday.

Vote early and vote often (we are, after all, headquartered in Chicago)!

Special thanks to Dallas Kincaid for helping us brainstorm some ideas!

About Gini Dietrich

Gini Dietrich is the founder and CEO of Arment Dietrich, an integrated marketing communications firm. She is the author of Spin Sucks, co-author of Marketing in the Round, and co-host of Inside PR. She also is the lead blogger at Spin Sucks and is the founder of Spin Sucks Pro. Join the Spin Sucks   community!

  • I remember being listed in #FF.  When I got going that morning I kept getting alerts that I had new followers on Twitter. My phone was beeping so often I was getting annoyed and disabled the alert. 

    Wasn’t until a couple hours later I happened to wander over to Spin Sucks and there I was. 🙂

    I am curious why my Peeps question is not on the list of questions to be asked. THIS is a conspiracy.

  • ClayMorgan Let’s cut to the chase here. Are you a Peeps lover?!

  • Sorry to see #FF go, especially since being one of the #FF features was one of the highlights of my 2013 BUT I think this new structure sounds fun and the ability to learn more about the person prior to publication is neat too. I cast my votes (and since I’m first I guess it’s obvious what I voted for…) but to add food for thought … our track club newsletter does a “featured feet” every month and the two things I learn the most from each time (it’s the same questions every time) are “what career did you aspire to when you were a kid?” and “tell us about your ideal day.” // Can’t wait to see what develops here!

  • biggreenpen ClayMorgan  I am, and I think it is OK to eat them when it isn’t Easter.

  • ClayMorgan biggreenpen Me too!!!!!! (Although I have to admit I’m a Peeps purist — some of the newer flavors/iterations don’t do a lot for me.) Here’s my little ode to Peeps: :-)

  • biggreenpen ClayMorgan  Awesome! I’m a purist too. I had the other day a party cake flavor Peep. Eh…just give me my yellow or pink.

  • Woohoo!!! This is so exciting! And y’all know how much I hate change! 😀 Can’t wait to get this rolling.

  • Um, I love this.

  • What would you want to be in your epitaph and what are you doing about it now?

  • blow it up Dietrich!

  • Change is good.  It’s also much more interested than not changing, so thanks. At the start of the year I changed #SocialSong Saturday (largely inspired by one Gini Dietrich, as noted in the first installment) to a once a month affair, featuring one song about an issue raised by one person (who, yes, is worth following)… of course, I’m already a month behind, but that’s another story…
    Now, on to the Inquisition!

  • CynthiaDAlba

    ClayMorgan biggreenpen  I hear that your can toast peeps like a marshmallow and they are awesome!

  • Will there be a Senate Committee hearing on the stoppage of Spin Sucks #FF?

    Attention #FollowFriday alumni, a funeral will be held at the Cremation Foundation 444 N Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60611 to celebrate the Death of the Spin Sucks #FollowFriday. There will be an open wine bar and heavy hors d’oeuvres catered by Plated Creations By Chef Karoly.
    I’m excited about Spin Sucks Inquisition.

  • Voted! This should be interesting.

  • Jennifer MacDonald

    Exciting, and I love those questions. I do something similar internally at my company so co-workers can get to know each other.

  • @jason_ Have a glass for me too, in memory of a great tradition. May it rest in piece(s) ….. of how much we all learned about each other.

  • CynthiaDAlba ClayMorgan biggreenpen Peeps are indestructible.

  • CynthiaDAlba ClayMorgan biggreenpen  Toasted Peeps make the best s’mores!

  • RIP #FF . It’s been great fun but I am excited about this change. Looking forward to the Spin Sucks Inquisition. Going to go vote now.

  • “NO ONE EXPECTS THE INQUISITION!” Totally love this idea…I can’t wait to hear the answers and meet more cool people.

  • biggreenpen @jason_  no ginidietrich said blow it up. She said ‘no remorse no repent, I don’t care what follow friday meant….blow it the freak up yall’ that is what she said. No holding onto the past. This is a new era. This is not your father’s father’s Gini Dietrich. This is 2014. The future is today. 
    In fact next month Google unveils the ‘Google Gini O/S for Tablets’ If you don’t like any of the multiple choice questions you can add your own.

  • creativeoncall  sadly ginidietrich also has banned music on this blog going forward as a protest about the continued sale of blood diamonds from Africa.

  • RIP #FF…5/3/13 was one of my top 5 days EVER! 🙂
    Change is good and THE INQUISITION…this is going to be fun, fun, fun!! I love that we get to pose questions and vote!  Buckle up, kiddos….
    PS – Hmmmm….Is it coincidence that this is all happening on Pi Day?

  • creativeoncall  Been missing those #SocialSongSaturday posts! 🙂

  • Geez, this place just keeps getting cooler. Loved being part of #FF, definitely a highlight of my year, but the Inquisition sounds even better (but hopefully not as painful as the original).

  • Well, seeing I had to beg, borrow and steal to even get a sniff of #FF fame, maybe if this new gig last 10 years and I become visible on social again I can get some run. 

    My Chrome would not open so I’m probably missing the best part, but definitely looking forward to the new product. 

    Can’t let any moss grow under those shoes, huh? Good luck.

  • rosemaryoneill  I think we need “nice red uniforms!”

  • BillSmith3

    rosemaryoneill  You stole my line.

  • rosemaryoneill  Our chief weapon is surprise. Surprise and fear!

  • Well, I am honored to have been the LAST one of the #FF:)  Can’t wait for the Inquisition.

  • AmyMccTobin  We thought we’d end on the highest note possible.

  • katievukas

    Loved #FF, but looking forward to the Inquisition

  • Oh, Dear…The prolonged winter siege has take its toll! :-

  • bdorman264 and here I was thinking I was the only #FF alumna who did a little begging …. I wonder if it was too overt to say “this is not a bribe” on the note with the goodies I sent. At least it worked! #NoShame #MaybeItIsAFloridianThing

  • katievukas

    Other questions to consider for the list: If you do volunteer work, which organizations do you support and why?  How do they affect the way you approach your work?  Also, in one Spanish Inquisition sketch, a member of the Inquisition asks another to “fetch the comfy chair” – maybe invite the reader to do just that in the introduction?

  • ginidietrich AmyMccTobin  Pulled THAT one out, eh Gini…? LOL

  • KirkHazlett  I need spring and new life and new shoes.

  • katievukas  I LOVE that idea! Super, super fun idea. Love.

  • ClayMorgan biggreenpenPeeps purists huh. I can see that, especially because I am a bagel purist.

  • This is a great idea. I love hearing about what makes the person tick. I’m looking forward to the new series.

  • bdorman264  Really? It should work brilliantly in Chrome. Hum…

  • biggreenpen bdorman264  I hate to tell you, but everyone has had to bribe me.

  • Word Ninja  Hopefully not is right!

  • lizreusswig  I wish I were that creative to think ahead in that way.

  • rosemaryoneill  I’m kind of excited for it, too!

  • GetElected rosemaryoneill  Mr. D FINALLY comments on Spin Sucks and THIS is what we get?!

  • LSSocialEngage  Yay! Thanks!

  • EdenSpodek  You should see some of the questions that didn’t make the cut. ClayMorgan wanted, “Are Peeps just for Easter or all year round?” Guess what he was eating when he wrote that?

  • @jason_  The Senate hearing happened. You missed it.

  • creativeoncall  I can imagine it’s not easy to write a new song monthly, let alone weekly.

  • Howie Goldfarb  Done!

  • Robin Adams West  Love it!

  • jasonkonopinski  🙂

  • belllindsay  You do hate change. LOL!

  • biggreenpen  Luckily, I just got here so I don’t know which votes are yours.

  • ClayMorgan  You got overruled.

  • bradmarley  Thank you, sir!

  • ginidietrich bdorman264I have a very off beat comment that the smarter half of my brain decided should remain not said. But damn it was funny.

  • Howie Goldfarb ginidietrich bdorman264 what a tease

  • biggreenpen Howie Goldfarb ginidietrich bdorman264  TOTAL TEASE!

  • ginidietrich biggreenpen bdorman264 then it may turn out that becoming a #FF back before, say, Spin Sucks became a NYT Best Seller will have turned out to be a bargain.

  • katievukas

    ginidietrich katievukas thanks!

  • KateNolan

    biggreenpen ClayMorgan  I was just about to ask that question! I liked the gingerbread ones that were out around Christmas, but generally stick with the “original” peep, I don’t even go for the bunny version. Now, the next most importantest question: Fresh or stale?

  • KateNolan

    ginidietrich KirkHazlett  New shoes! YES!

  • KateNolan

    ginidietrich EdenSpodek ClayMorgan  Um… I think that’s a very good question. Peep-le have strong opinions regarding Peeps and I think you’d get some interesting answers… Just sayin I’m with Clay…

  • You wake up to find yourself on a desert island. The sun is setting on the horizon. You don’t have long before you are going to be engulfed in complete darkness. You have no idea who you are or what you are doing here.  What do you do?

    Just kidding. 
    I LOVE this. Here’s a few I would ask …

    You have inherited $1M.  What charitable organizations do you donate to and why?

    What annoys you most about people?

    Favorite thing to do when not working?

    Would our founding fathers be proud of us?

    If given the chance would you go into space?

    Worst lie you’ve ever told?

    Who was worse, Hitler or Stalin?

    Explain the best way to teach an old dog a new trick.

    Are you right brained or left brained?

    Tell us how to make your favorite meal?

  • belllindsay ginidietrichAmyMccTobinor maybe you couldn’t top Amy and any new FF’s would just flop?

  • ginidietrich biggreenpenHowie Goldfarbbdorman264If I grew up a teen in the 50’s like Bill and Gini did I would totally be ok with the joke. But being a Modern Alien who is Intergalactically Correct I can’t.

  • pralison

    Well, I finally figured out how to vote.  Yikes. Thanks for the help. I wish more people would vote for the push up question. Or, how long can you hold a plank?  I love a good competition. Here’s an idea for a question — yes/no answer:  Have you ever stayed up later than you knew you “should” because you were addicted to a TV series, and had to watch “just one more.”  If yes, name the show(s).

  • pralison  I love a good competition, too! Your TV series one is so good now that we all have Netflix and binge watch. The same could be said for a good book. Not that I’ve been known to do that ever.

  • Craig McBreen  I love these! Crap. This is going to be hard.

  • Oh man. I LOVE this. I’m reading the Recherche this year, which leads me to think of the Proust questionnaire. Love that you could have a bank of questions from which you choose.#FF was always fun and must have been fun to write as well, but this is going to be brilliant, too. #FF 2.0!

  • Yeah I remember back in the day when music use to be listened to on vinyl records and I learned about people from reading their   Okay enough with the Kevin Baconizing,  bring on with the Inquisition!

  • ginidietrich pralison   There is  book I just started reading…I forget the name, but it has a Sex Selling first chapter….

  • AmyMccTobin   Future Jeopardy question….

  • Word Ninja   No pain no….gain?

  • Digital_DRK  Wait til you see Gin and Topics today. 🙂

  • DwayneAlicie  I hope so! It’s time for a new paint job.

  • ginidietrich Digital_DRKI hope you are posting the 3 year old who sings michael jackson thriller while spinning on his head!

  • I’m never going to be a #FollowFriday.

    My virtual life is over.

  • ClayMorgan ***shudder***

  • ginidietrich Craig McBreen  I think I *like* the desert island scenario!!!

  • ginidietrich This also brings up concerns about the mysterious and tantalizing UNfollow Friday spreadsheet that you work on late at night (allegedly.)

  • JayDolan  You might be an inquisition, however! Did I really never feature you? Shame on me.

  • Digital_DRK Ohhhh. Sounds interesting!

  • If it’s an inquisition, somebody has to be put on the spot 😉 How about “What industry advice or practice would you most like to cry foul on?”

  • KateNolan

    DwayneAlicie ginidietrich  Oh, that’s not alleged. I’ve seen it in action. The thugs Gini sends are truly frightening. Do not tempt her to make that public…

  • KateNolan ginidietrich   I heard it just says:SEAN MCGINNIS
    But it has 25,876 lines!

  • How about… outside of family and work… what are you most passionate about?
    –Tony Gnau

  • T60Productions  Love it!

  • PatrickHayslett  Ohhhh! I like it!

  • DwayneAlicie KateNolan ginidietrich  You heard correctly.

  • Howie Goldfarb ginidietrich biggreenpen C’mon man, you’ve never been one to hold back before. Pete Cashmore is still looking for you.

  • ginidietrich I figured it out ginidietrich, when I took Chrome out of my ‘remote’ screen it worked; see, I’m tech savvy…….:).

  • This seems like a neat idea! It saves you time for a long introduction, too! It won’t let me vote, though. I’m sad.  🙁 
    I guess I’ll add my votes in a little later. Is there a way we can also suggest other questions? I have a few.

  • ginidietrich Sorry! 😉

  • rdopping

    Spain would be proud. Love this idea purely because it becomes that much more interactive. Always gotta think when I come ovah heah.

  • douglaserice

    You are what you read.

    Come on people, let’s hype that book question up to number 1 already 😉

  • This is getting better and better. Looking forward for the Inquisition :))) Now, I go vote.

  • ginidietrich No biggie. I’m currently enjoying the open wine bar and heavy hors d’oeuvres with the Spin Sucks #FollowFriday alumni.

  • DallasK

    I just want to point out that I am absolutely amazing and I’m glad Gini finally recognized the incredible contributions I make to Arment Dietrich, Spin Sucks, and the world in general.   You’re all welcome.

  • DallasK  Oh jeez.

  • corinamanea  Thank you!

  • douglaserice  Don’t worry. I know someone who can get it there.

  • rdopping  I love making you think.

  • JRHalloran  Suggest away right here!

  • DallasK

    ginidietrich DallasK  HONOR ME!!! HONOR THE DALLAS!

  • How about this? If you HAD to write a novel, what would it be about? What characters would it feature and what is the general storyline? And WHY would you write about this idea above all others?

  • Who would win in a race – a dolphin, a porcupine, or a bullfrog on a jetski?

  • Danny Brown  I want YOU to answer that!

  • JRHalloran  I love this. And now I want you to answer it!

  • ginidietrich  Hehe, well I’m already writing one. But that storyline (at the speed I’m going) is a secret to be revealed in probably another 10 years lol.  😀

  • ginidietrich  I actually did think of another question you might like for the Inquisition, though. If you could achieve everything you ever wanted in life, but you had to die 10 years sooner, would you do it? Yes or no? And if yes, what would you envision those achievements to be?

  • I love this! I think you should keep at least 10 questions and then make people pick the five they want to answer – then you’ll get a little bit of a mix! Or maybe that Inquisition v2.0.