As Wednesday was winding down, the last session I attended was about story telling.  Although it ran an hour and 15 minutes, I found only four overarching finds from the panel.

1. According to this panel, what makes a good story is shock, humor, and emotional elements.

2. No matter how you tell your story, you MUST know your audience or your risk alienating them.

3. B2B does not have to be boring.  Have fun with it.

4. Tell your story in other places than your Web site!

To me, you don’t need to make you story emotional, funny, or shocking to create something good.  So I don’t preach what was given to us during this session. You should know where your audience is, what they are already reading, and what they care about.  I believe that if you’ve done your research and you know exactly who your audience is, than you know what to write for them.

I do love that they pointed out that your stories should be in places other than your Web site.  Blogs, tweets, networks, newsletters, do other activities to saturate the audience.