A couple of weeks ago, solopreneur and PR pro extraordinaire, Kellye Crane, wrote a blog post title, “Three People You Must Read.”

She recommended Valeria Maltoni, David Meerman Scott, and Jeremiah Owyang.

I concur!

Then Justin Goldsborough followed suit and recommended three of his own.

While Ingrid Abboud aka Griddy aka Brigitte was vacationing in Greece (and kept texting me photos as if I wouldn’t be insanely jealous) she asked me to write a guest post. This is the post I wrote. So if you read it there, there isn’t anything new to see here…except the comments. And, let’s be real, those are always way more entertaining than the actual post anyway.

Three Blogs You Must Read

I’m going to take a different path and leave the PR/communication world for my recommendations. Instead, I’m going to look at really thoughtful leaders that have business, entrepreneurial, or leadership blogs.

1. Jeff Jarvis

The first is Jeff Jarvis who I, admittedly, have a brain crush on.

The crush started when I read “What Would Google Do.” It’s only increased since reading his blog consistently. But I’m finally willing to admit it publicly after he went off on Washington about the debt ceiling. I won’t repeat the vulgarity here, but it’s worth a trip to his blog to see it.

His blog, Buzz Machine, is a not-to-be-missed daily read. And, if you haven’t read “What Would Google Do,” do it now. Reading him makes me think about running my own businesses differently. Away from the echo chamber.

2. Harvard Business Review

Coming into the second spot is Harvard Business Review. It doesn’t matter what you do for a living, HBR has something for you.

In just the two past days, they covered everything from the U.S. economy and targeting female customers to managing cash flow and community service inside your company.

My favorite bloggers for them are Alexandra Samuel and Umair Haque.

3. Jay Rosen

The third is Jay Rosen’s Pressthink.

Jay is a press critic, an observer of journalism’s habits. He also is a journalism professor at NYU, where he directs Studio20, a master’s level program that looks at journalism in the digital age.

To say he’s smart is putting it lightly. Even if you’re not into journalism or writing, his thinking explores what’s happening to our world because of technology. It’s smart, it’s savvy, and it’s pretty unconventional.

And there you have it. What are the three blogs you think everyone should read?

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