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Top Five Stories for Week Ending Oct. 8, 2010

By: Gini Dietrich | October 8, 2010 | 

We’re on day three of the Livefyre commenting system and I think I’m in love. I may want to marry it, but first I want to hear from you. Do you like it? Do you like how you can @ reply someone and bring them into the conversation? Do you like how it sends one email with a bunch of comments in it instead of 16 different emails?

Or, is it sending you too many updates when people have conversations that have nothing to do with you? I get all of the emails so I don’t know it works for you. Please let me know! If you love it as much as I do, we’ll have a wedding ceremony.

If you’ve not testing it out, try it! Let me know what you think. And, in return, here are the top five stories for week ending Oct. 8, 2010.

5. Beyond Foursquare: The next generation of customer loyalty. FINALLY someone else talking about how location-based applications can change customer loyalty by allowing discounts and specials directed at individuals. I really believe data gathering of those who “check-in” will allow businesses to individualize a customer’s experience every day.

4. Seven ways to lead without uttering a single word. We always talk about leaders from the perspective of executives and, unfortunately, this article from Terry Starbucker is no different. BUT I think his tips are valuable for any leader within the organization. I’m a big believer in mentoring and coaching leaders at all levels and these tips work well for all of them.

3. Become reenergized at work. While this BusinessWeek article is written for business owners, it’s applicable to everyone. There are five tips for recharging your batteries, taking a vacation, and renewing your passion for your job (or business). I’m on vacation week after next so I’ll let you know how these tips work out!

2. Chipotle: Rise of a fast-food empire. I actually am not a Chipotle fan, but Mr. D would eat there every day, if he could. What I am a fan of is how quickly they’ve grown and how they maintain integrity to their core values. In this Forbes article, Steve Ells talks about not only how he got his start, but his three secrets to success, which are applicable if you’re a business owner or a new college graduate (and everything in between).

1. Why the revolution will not be tweeted. If you don’t already consume everything Malcolm Gladwell writes, start now. He has a way of telling  a story that very few people have. In this article, he makes the argument that today’s social activism, flanked by Facebook and Twitter, is reliant on weak ties and no real loyalty. While I don’t fully agree with his premise, it’s an interesting and very thoughtful read. Thanks to Mark Schaefer for bringing this New Yorker article to my attention.

And one little self-serving read…our Social Media Primer eBook. It’s pretty, it’s full of tips on how to measure and how much time to spend, and it’s only $9.99!

Have a great weekend!

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  • PhilipNowak

    Testing out @GiniDietrich’s new comment system.

    • GiniDietrich

      @PhilipNowak Whatcha think??

    • PhilipNowak

      I’m not sure yet. I am pretty loyal to Disqus, but am not seeing anything too different on LiveFyre. Care to enlighten me?

    • GiniDietrich

      @PhilipNowak I think a few things: 1) I can add someone to this conversation by doing an @ reply. So hi @tmiesen! 2) If a bunch of people comment at once, it gathers all of the comments and sends them all in only one email. 3) The points system is going to mean something in the near future. And this is just on the beta. I expect a bunch more features by year’s end.

    • GiniDietrich

      @PhilipNowak OH! And…I like how, at the bottom of the post, before the comments, I can see how many people are on the page reading, at any given time.

    • GiniDietrich

      @PhilipNowak One more: When someone responds to you, you can reply directly from your email.

    • PhilipNowak

      @ginidietrich No way! That’s gangsta! I was wondering what “5 people listening” meant.

    • PhilipNowak

      @ginidietrich I do like replying from email. That’s a pretty sweet option.

      I like Disqus because it powers so many mainstream blogs out there, so many users are already logged in once they arrive at your site. I also like the option to tweet your comment. I am open to trying Livefyre out though. 🙂

    • jonbuscall

      @PhilipNowak @ginidietrich Think I’m more in favour of Disqus at the moment. I like their email replies and spam filtering. Not sure I like having to open browser to respond from email in LiveFyre.

      Still, I’ve asked for the Beta and will try it out on a client site more suited than my own.

    • @PhilipNowak @ginidietrich Hey Phillip, try mousing over a comment and you’ll see the “Share” link so you can tweet or share your comment on Facebook. We’re working hard to keep adding features that you the bloggers want, so let us know! We may be smallish now, but our growth rate is pretty incredible. Now you have a Livefyre account and can comment on any other blog using Livefyre! 🙂

    • @jonbuscall Thanks for the feedback Jon. Reply by email is on our feature list, and currently we’ve seen spam comments come close to 0 for all bloggers using Livefyre. Just sent an invite your way. Feel free to send any feedback to me at Thanks!

    • jonbuscall

      @jennalanger Groovy. Look forward to receiving that invite 🙂

  • tmiesen

    Gini, check this out

    It’s a retort of Gladwell’s article by @brainpicker, and it’s very good.

    • GiniDietrich

      @tmiesen @brainpicker Thanks, Tom! Going to read it now.

  • markwschaefer

    You’re welcome! : ) and yes, I like livefyre

    • GiniDietrich

      @markwschaefer Do you like it enough to attend my wedding ceremony if I marry it?

    • jonbuscall

      @markwschaefer Aren’t you tempted to move on from WP comments?

    • GiniDietrich

      @jonbuscall Isn’t it like 1 a.m. where you are?!

    • jonbuscall

      @ginidietrich Er…yes, it’s late. But I’m just heading back from Moon Cake, one of the best fusion Asian restaurants in Stockholm. Smart phones, eh? Gotta love’em.

    • GiniDietrich

      @jonbuscall I’m headed off to the new restaurant of a local celebrity chef so you go to bed and have a great weekend!

    • @markwschaefer I think you’re ready to move up to a real-time social commenting platform 🙂 Let me know if you want to try it out –

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  • KristenesTweets

    @ginidietrich Don’t know livefyre yet, but I’d have a drink with “him/her” to see how you two get on…. love your Spin Sucks; would love to reconnect with you soon.

    • GiniDietrich

      @KristenesTweets I think a drink is a great idea…and in tall order!

  • Great collection of stories! I love that Steve Ells says he didn’t know the rules of fast food when he started Chipotle…and that’s what led to it being successful. First time using Livefyre. Not sure yet – the profile won’t save my photo – maybe that means Livefyre doesn’t like my face – in which case how can I like Livefyre back?

    • GiniDietrich

      @Marc_Luber I see your photo! Maybe Livefyre just likes me better so it’ll show me your face and not you??

  • InternetMarketing

    hey! You are absolutely right these are the hot topics of discussion at community or forum boards. I have also contributed on some forums so i can evaluate you better to you top stories. Of course, you have only picked some most discussed topics of this week.

    • PhilipNowak

      @InternetMarketing Nicely said!