So what happens when a public relations professional misleads a journalist by pitching a false news hook or a story saturated in spin? Well as of late, all over the Internet, journalist are complaining about the amount of unrelated pitches they receive (rightfully so), the level of newsworthy stories, and if their source (a pr professional) is credible to write the story.

Well I am troubled as I read the story on today. One, because I am big Cubs fan, and two, I don’t think the Chicago Cubs media relations team would produce such a story. So where did the facts come from?

The offseason of any sport is filling with trades, free agency, and rumors. Does that mean they are all true? The amount of times Jake Peavy was leaving sunny San Diego to join our cubbies was endless and heartbreaking, because as we all know, that trade didn’t go through – for now.

In the Chicago Sun-Times a story regarding Mark DeRosa’s departure was published suggesting manager Lou Piniella and DeRosa never seemed to hit it off in their two year player-manager relationship. The facts are all there in the story supporting DeRosa’s reaction to the trade, but nothing supports the accusation of Piniella’s and DeRosa’s relationship. Where did that come from? Instinct? Opinion?

The funny thing is Piniella was interviewed about the Chicago Sun-Times story and had this to say Thursday in an article on Web site:

“”How can they say that? That I didn’t hit it off with him? Was that what he (DeRosa) felt?”

“I have nothing but respect for Mark. He played exceedingly well, I used him all over. I think he had his best season playing for me.”

And even better, Mark DeRosa had this to say:

“I don’t understand that. Whoever wrote that article is wrong. I had a great relationship with Lou. I respect what he did as a player, and I respect what he does as a manager. I enjoyed playing for him. He lit a fire under me. That guy, the writer, has it wrong.”

So if this story was not pitched and based off of opinion, is it saturated in journalist spin – I think so.

In the words of the Black Eyed Peas – Where’s the love Chicago Sun-Times?