Blog written by Ayanna Green

I enjoy reading articles, books, etc. that focus on the individual experience of an object, organization, or environment.  I believe our individual main purpose on this earth is to grow, prosper and be happy.  I read an interesting article dated March 28, 2008 on entitled “10 Resumes a Day, No Takers.”  The article walked me through Mr. Josh Hager’s dismal employment search in the mortgage/financial industry.  By the end of the article, I was depressed.  Okay I get it, Hager is a victim of big company mergers.  I had all of the plebian questions and concerns: Why is this happening?  How can we prevent this?  How can we protect ourselves from a similar experience?  What upset me most about the article is that it did not propose any solutions (or so I thought).  But at the very end of the article was a call for more stories about how the economy is affecting the individual.  This magazine’s image quickly brightened.  Although it may be painful to journey with these individuals, it is important that their story is included in the vernacular of our changing world.  Still, I wanted possible solutions or ways of working through the tough journey of the changing economy.  I searched for more articles on this topic and found another article from the same site entitled “When Your Employer Goes Bust.”  This was a good article – it talks about what to do if you are in Hager’s position.  And it doesn’t sugar-coat the situation; it acknowledges that it’s a hard reality and that it won’t be easy.  I have to applaud this website’s commitment to a multidimensional perspective of our economy from a business, societal and especially for believing that the individual’s story is newsworthy.   In the world of cause and effect – let’s not hide the effects.