Every so often a no-name baseball team comes out of nowhere and wins 21 of the last 22 games.  Actually, not really, it’s pretty unheard of.  But, the Colorado Rockies has always been seen as the team that has some great players, but never really makes it past regular season… until now.

The Rockies buzz slowly faded after Coors Field was built in downtown Denver, August 1990.  After years of going nowhere, the Rockies finally made it to the World Series this year.  And now, everyone is jumping on the Rockies bandwagon.  Myself included.  We had season tickets for the Colorado Rockies, up until about six years ago when the team got so bad, watching them was no longer fun.  So how did this team go from that, to having more than eight million hits on www.coloradorockies.com  on Monday crash the Web site, allowing only 500 tickets to be sold?

Besides people being extremely frustrated and annoyed following the Web site debacle, it ended up being a huge public relations nightmare.  Through all of the hype, they are now claiming that the Web site crashed on Monday due to an “external, malicious attack“, and claimed that the problem had worked itself out for Tuesday’s ticket sales.  Claims that the brokers are using a system which is programmed to act as if a human is purchasing these tickets caused the overload, which inevitably resulted in shutting down ticket sales for the day.  So after all the hype, 500 out of the 40,000 plus had seats on Monday, with eight million “people” still trying to get tickets.  

After two and a half hours on the second day of trying to sell tickets, all three games were sold out.  Yet, the majority of Rockies fans weren’t able to get through in order to actually purchase tickets.  So was this really, “worked out”?  Or is someone not telling the millions of angry Denver locals the truth – I somehow have a feeling come Saturday that there will be a lot of tickets being sold way over face value by brokers.  The exact thing the Rockies franchise swore wouldn’t happen and had worked itself out.

Eh- I’ll be on my couch watching it anyway — Rock the Sox!  — Courtney Lawrence