Most people in the country are now becoming familiar with the story of Drew Peterson, the Bolingbrook, Ill. police sergeant that seems to have trouble picking faithful spouses. According to Peterson all he really wants from his fourth wife, currently missing, is to “expose herself to be alive and well”. He has also gone on to say that he is angry at Stacy Peterson for causing a media frenzy and raised suspicion about his innocence.

Peterson’s third wife, Kathleen Savio also left under mysterious circumstances; unfortunately it was to a place impossible to come back from. She was found dead in her bathtub, which the coroner ruled at the time an accidental death. The case has recently been re-opened.

Can’t the poor guy catch a break? And all he’s asking for now is a little piece and quiet.

Just a quick question—why did it take the strange disappearance of his fourth wife to start stirring up a little noise around Drew Peterson?!? Since the news hit a national scale, reports have surfaced that both his 2nd and 3rd wives felt threatened at different times during the marriage. When considering filing reports with police, it seems that Savio, Peterson’s third wife, didn’t think the police would do anything to help her after ending up in emergency rooms from physical abuse. Although this raises larger questions about corruption that I’m not going to attempt to tackle right now, how could some kind of legal action not be taken against him after repeated emergency room visits? How is there not some sort of safe haven for women feeling this way (in some places, there are) and is it her fault for not taking advantage of them?

Now, I believe that every man or woman in this country has right to a fair trial. But let’s face it, in the court of public opinion, Drew Peterson is looking guilty with a life sentence and no hope of parole. As long as he lives, most people will know the story as soon as they recognize the face. It’s sad that young Stacy Peterson had to go missing before Drew’s martial history came under question. How many other Drew Petersons are out there? What’s it going to take to prevent from doing something just like this? — Josh Culver